Recruiters Have it Tough. Announcing Recruit CRM to Make Life a Little Better :)

The life of a recruiter is hard………actually, more like crazy. If you’re a recruiter and reading this, you know what I mean. Between calling & emailing candidates, who always seem to respond late, dealing with clients with insane expectations and coordinating with both these people to schedule interviews that don’t get canceled, life is hard. If that wasn’t enough, recruiters still have to keep a track of all their candidates that were placed, figure out how much to bill clients and then generate an invoice. If you’re dealing with contract staff, billing becomes even more painful. So the next time you see a recruiter, just give them a hug. If you’re a recruiter don’t worry, life’s going to get a lot simpler :)

At Recruit CRM, we want to try to help our recruiter friends a bit. We’re building a single place that has everything a recruiter needs:

1. Candidate Database

A database of all your candidates powered by 2-way email sync to send and receive information and documents from candidates.

2. No Data Entry

Link that can be sent with one click to allow candidates to enter their own data/resume so the recruiter doesn’t have to waste time on data entry.

3. Companies, Contacts & Jobs

One place to view all companies that a recruiter is working with along with contacts and jobs associated with those companies.

4. Sharing Candidates & Interview Feedback

Recruiters can share candidates attached to a job with their clients in the form of a link. Clients/interviewers can add interview feedback to candidates on this link.

5. Billing

We generate an invoice for placed candidates that you can send to your clients with a couple clicks. If you’ve place candidates on contract assignments, we auto generate an invoice every payroll period based on the specification set while creating the job.

6. Tasks & Reminders

Set tasks and reminders inside the website and Recruit CRM will make sure you don’t miss important things.

7. Appointments

Recruiters can schedule interviews/meeting between candidates/yourself/clients within the app and we’ll send them a calendar invite automatically.

8. Free for Life

Even once our beta ends, we will continue to have a free plan that will allow recruiters to use all of our features, with a small number of feature limitations, for free.

We at Recruit CRM are on a mission to make recruiters lives simpler with awesome software that is easy to use. The features above are just a part everything we’re building. If you have any recommendation for features we should build, please feel free to shoot me an email.