If there’s anything recruiters have learned in the past few years, it is that recruitment and staffing is an ever-changing and dynamic industry.

With the constant changes, staying ahead of the curve is essential for professionals in the field. Pursuing a recruitment certification is one such way to ensure you’re keeping up with industry trends and best practices. 

If you’re looking for a way to upskill yourself professionally and add more shine to your resume, here are top 12 recruiter certification courses you can pursue this year. 

What is a recruitment certification? And why do you need one?

recruiter certification course on Udemy.

A recruiter certification formally recognizes your expertise and skills in the recruitment field. 

By getting a certification, you can showcase your commitment to professional development, understanding of industry standards, and ability to deliver exceptional results for clients and candidates.

You can obtain these recruiter certifications by completing online courses that will equip you with immense industry knowledge and expand your skill set. 

Whether you’re starting a new job or just want to fill a skills gap, here are some reasons why you should consider pursuing a recruitment certification course:

  • Certifications help you stand out from other professionals, increase earning potential, and open doors to new career opportunities. 
  • They are a signal to employers and clients that you’re a credible and knowledgeable professional capable of staying current with the latest trends and best practices in the recruitment space.

Recruiters today are expected to be well-equipped with specific skills and areas, including diversity hiring, building and maintaining a talent community, leveraging recruitment technology, and much more. 

With the right recruitment training program, you can build your expertise and develop new skills in any of these areas including obtaining an AWS certification to specialize in recruiting for cloud computing roles.. 

You can even check LinkedIn’s in-demand training for quick online learning if you can’t commit to a full-time upskilling program.

Top 12 recruiter certification courses for upskilling

Before diving into upskilling and career development, remember that some recruiter certifications have particular prerequisites and specific validity. 

Always check for the list of prerequisites and competencies on the course’s website before you enroll in any certificate program.  

1. AIRS Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR)

The AIRS Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) program focuses on leveraging technology and advanced sourcing techniques to identify and engage top talent. 

This comprehensive course covers everything from Boolean search strategies to social media hiring and candidate engagement. The CIR certification is perfect for recruiters looking to sharpen their online search skills and stay up-to-date with the latest sourcing tools.

At the end of the course, learners will receive an HRCI and NAPS-approved certificate that will showcase their knowledge of effective candidate sourcing. 

Pricing: This course costs $995; you’ll also get access to customer service, technical support, and additional resources to enhance your learning experience. 

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2. Professional in Human Resources (PHR)

Offered by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI), the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification is designed for HR professionals and recruiters seeking to demonstrate their technical skills related to human resource management.

The PHR course covers key areas such as workforce planning, talent acquisition, onboarding, employee retention, and employment laws and regulations. 

Pricing: The exam fee is $395, and the application fee is $100. 

3. Certified Diversity Recruiter (CDR)

A man on a laptop completing a recruiter certification course.

The Certified Diversity Recruiter (CDR) program, offered by AIRS, helps recruiters and hiring managers develop the skills necessary to source, recruit and maintain a diverse talent pipeline

This recruiter certification course covers various topics, including unconscious bias, writing inclusive job descriptions, and outreach strategies for diverse talent. Obtaining a CDR certification demonstrates your commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The future of work calls for a job market that is more diverse than ever before, making the CDR specialization a must-have for all recruitment professionals.

Pricing: $995

4. Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter (CSSR)

The Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter (CSSR) program, also offered by AIRS, is designed for recruiters looking to optimize their social media recruiting strategies.

We all know how social media is transforming the world of recruitment by becoming a popular sourcing technique and employer branding tool. With this recruitment certification, you’ll be well-equipped to take your social hiring strategy to the next level and learn about the best-in-class management tools to help improve the recruiting process.

The course covers the use of major social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as other unconventional platforms, to source and engage candidates effectively. 

You’ll also be well-equipped to leverage data analytics and the best cybersecurity practices for effective and data-driven social hiring.

Pricing: $995

5. Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS)

The Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS) certification, offered by the Talent Management Institute (TMI), is perfect for recruiters looking to develop their problem-solving and planning skills. 

You’ll find topics related to employer branding, candidate experience, employee engagement, and analytics-driven recruitment strategies. 

Earning the TAS certification will demonstrate your ability to deliver data-driven recruitment solutions that align with your hiring manager’s objectives and help you excel in your current job. 

Pricing: $1995

6. Associate Professional in HR  

The Associate Professional in HR certification is offered by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

This recruiter certification is perfect for recruiters just beginning their careers in human resources or managing people. 

You’ll learn about talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, employee relations, compliance and risk management, and learning and development. No prior experience is needed to apply for and take the exam.

Pricing: $400

7. Certified Social and New Media Recruiter 

a person completing recruiter certification course on laptop

The AIRS Certified Social and New Media Recruiter (CSMR) Learning Path is designed to teach recruiters and talent acquisition specialists how to find and attract candidates utilizing various social and new media platforms, including Facebook, Clubhouse, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and more.  

The recruiter certification will equip learners to find candidates, user profiles, and competitive intelligence by utilizing social, professional, and new media platforms.  

In today’s talent market, knowing how to use unconventional sourcing platforms might provide you an edge, making this certification a must! 

Pricing: $995

8. Become a Tech Recruiter

Become a Tech Recruiter is the perfect certification course for recruiters who want to excel in the tech industry.

The foundations of technical recruiting are covered in five sections and recommended practices for filling IT-related roles

After completing this course, you will receive a certificate of completion from Holistica Consulting and LinkedIn.

Pricing: Free

9. Associate Professional in Talent Development

The Associate Professional in Talent Development certification is for talent acquisition professionals with at least three years of experience or those just starting their careers. 

The APTD covers a portion of the Talent Development Capability Model’s fundamental knowledge and how to apply it to talent development. It focuses on the skills and traits that recruiters must exemplify to perform well. 

Pricing: $499 for members and $699 for non-members

10. Recruiter Certification Program

The Recruiter Certification Program will offer new and seasoned recruiters a complete collection of lessons covering the methods required to enhance their client management, cycle management, and recruiting capabilities. 

It is a seven-module interactive program with supplementary modules covering extra topics, including performance metrics and sophisticated sourcing techniques.

The course will cover various topics, including recruitment branding, effective interviewing, attracting and sourcing candidates, communication techniques, closing job offers, and much more. 

By the end of this course, you’ll receive a certificate and become a well-rounded recruiter, ready to take on new challenges ahead!

Pricing: $699

11. Certified Recruiter Program

If you’re looking for something more advanced, this certified Certified Recruiter Program by Recruiter Academy is guaranteed to boost your performance level. 

It offers a method for validating “Elite” recruiting performance for recruiters, recruiters managers, and recruitment organizations.

If you’re a recruiting manager, this course will help you identify how you can help recruiters overcome modern challenges, how to master recruitment fundamentals, and how to quantify the ROI from a recruiter training program

Pricing: $1895

12. Professional Recruiter Certification

The AIRS Professional Recruiter Certification Learning Path helps recruiters and human resource professionals to think strategically. 

This course is ideal for talent acquisition professionals who want to make an impact in their organizations.

It includes an industry-led training course format with the option of rescheduling according to the learner’s timetable, certification exam (on demand), and self-guided training courses. 

Pricing: $995 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced recruiter, these courses offer valuable insights and tools to help you excel in your career path.  

So which certification will you get your hands on? Let us know in the comments, and share this list with your peers who’d like to upskill!

Frequently asked questions

1. Are recruitment certification courses suitable for beginners or experienced professionals?

Recruitment certification courses cater to professionals at various stages of their careers. Some courses are designed for beginners, while others are more advanced and better suited for experienced recruiters. It’s important to assess your current skill level and choose a course that aligns with your experience and career goals.

2. Do I need to renew my recruitment certification?

Many recruitment certifications require periodic renewal to ensure professionals stay current with industry developments and maintain their certified status. 

Renewal or reskilling typically involves completing continuing education courses, participating in industry events, or retaking the certification exam. Be sure to check the specific requirements for your chosen certification.

3. Are online recruiter certification courses as effective as in-person courses?

Online certification courses have become increasingly popular and effective thanks to technological advancements and e-learning platforms. High-quality online courses can provide the same level of instruction and engagement as in-person courses. 

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of an online course largely depends on the individual’s learning style and the quality of the course materials and instruction. 

It’s essential to research each course thoroughly and read reviews from previous participants to determine if the course will meet your needs.