Using the visual medium as a part of the social recruitment process was already present but it’s even more in fashion owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote working has increased and for it to happen sleekly it’s important for recruiters and staffing agencies to take a step ahead in the digital world.

Apart from directly commanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the only solution, Recruit CRM is here with a couple of useful tips as well.

7 Steps to Use a Visual Medium to Enhance Your Recruiting Process

Imagine a recruitment cycle that is more shared, comprehensive, and productive! Videos & recordings are notable for selecting candidates to more readily recognize the encouraging possibility for a job opening and their capability.

Recruiters, or more readily what we can call social recruiters should learn about the effectiveness of implementing video applications in their recruiting cycle.

Constant analysis of this subject has demonstrated that candidates are normally more attracted to high-definition pictures and good-quality videos. Indeed, 90% of the data sent to one’s mind is actually visual.

It additionally takes the cerebrum longer to deal with text-based data, while the time it takes to handle visual data is merely 0.25 seconds.

Even the internet keeps on propelling ceaselessly from simple text-based data to a space where visuals are progressively getting more meaningful. All in all, now the question is how would you use visuals in your recruitment method?

A large amount of social recruitment and candidate screening can be computerized. For example:

  • Using a feature-rich Applicant Tracking System for screening can lessen a recruiter’s time per recruitment and further rejection of candidates
  • Candidate experience rediscovery devices help you reconnect with past applicants
  • Chatbots can support commitment with candidates

This 2021, you can easily anticipate that engineers and HR experts will dispatch a shiny new age of hiring tools that will be AI-induced with respect to robotizing screening, advancing determination, and wiping out unconscious bias from the recruitment cycle.

These above devices have already presented a trend called recruitment marketing and have permitted candidate experience to utilize advertising procedures, for example, a multichannel approach, directed advertisements, and profound investigation to find and connect better-qualified employees. Some of the techniques are mentioned below:

1. Attract the Cream Candidates

Clearly, the target of recruitment is to draw in the best applicants, and given that individuals react preferably to visuals over composed text-based media, gone are those times when a simple blog was sufficient to work with.

Pictures, creative logos, and trendy designs can obviously impact the top candidates, making recruiting effortless for recruitment agencies and recruiters likewise.

2. For Advertising Open Job Roles

Managers and employers need an edge via which they can draw in the best candidates for their open job roles and adding graphics to their job advertisements may assist recruiters with separating their agencies from competitors.

However, not exclusively would visuals be able to support a recruiter’s appeal to attract top candidates.

Research has proposed that 46% of individuals state how a website design is the main factor via which they decide its validity and a similar view can be applied when it comes to promoting open job roles too.

The better looking your work advert, the more association it will attract from applicants.

3. Using Video Content to Attract Candidates

Visual correspondence and communication in social recruitment can likewise streamline the data or thoughts that you are looking for to give candidates. Consider including a ‘day in the life of a recruiter’ video or a couple of organization photographs to give intrigued candidates an idea about what it resembles to be a colleague.

Video marketing statistics show that alternatives for utilizing video content in recruiting are boundless; they can be installed into your work promotions, displayed on your job sites, and can even be used to ‘meet’ the candidates in their introductory pre-screening interviews.

4. Sharing Pictures in Your Official Social Media Handles or Website

Numerous candidates first register to an organization on the web and through social media. These help them in deciding whether to go after the position or not. Give these individuals a glance at your organization and help them ‘imagine‘ themselves working there.

A careers site or social media that is text-hefty and poor in visuals isn’t probably going to hold a candidate’s attention for long. You should zero in on making something that is both appealing and instructive, something that comes under smart recruitment.

For instance– Talent Hero, is one such site that helps recruitment agencies design their website in a way that actually helps them grow and draw relevant traffic. The best part? They’re highly affordable if you’re just starting out. On the other hand, there are many more website design tools online available, too if you don’t want to pay for a website designer.

5. Use Visual Media as a Brand Management Tool

How you intend to be more visual or intelligent in your recruitment plan will rely upon the message you need to send. The sheer popularity of visual media in recruitment will just keep on rising with years to come, so utilizing this on your site is very essential.

Recruiters should keep in mind that career sites and their social media channels will help them assemble a solid brand that is appealing to the best candidates.

6. Screen Candidates More Effectively

Screening of resumes and cover letters is tedious, and this specific undertaking is frequently restricted to the hiring manager or the HR team of a company. Surveying and assessing recordings and videos can all the more adequately recognize the best fitting candidate for the position.

You may believe it’s a cliché thing, yet an image paints a hundred words more, as visuals offer more grounded pieces of information.

Visual communication plays an integral role, and to boost communication, it is a must to use professional images, business photos, and materials.

How does the candidate sound and show up? Does the candidate appear to be sure and even more energized? Or on the other hand maybe apprehensive? Videos can likely uncover how articulate a candidate is.

How they communicate will enlighten you, and you can find more about their character.

Perhaps giving oral introductions to customers as a part of your hiring strategy is a vital segment for any open position. Through videos, it is easier to tell if the candidate holds the characteristics required for a specific position, for example, communication and language abilities.

Evaluation of candidates that depend on videos and recordings can thereby improve your odds of remembering the most applicable one for your meeting pool. You may likewise uncover some hidden gem that screening of resumes alone might have rejected in the first go.

7. Diminished Discrimination

Collaborative hiring can restrict the effect of oblivious unconscious bias in the social recruitment procedure. The contribution of numerous representatives opens up for straightforwardness and diminishes the danger of bias and segregation of competitors and this is called smart recruitment in practical terms.

The process of video application itself is without discrimination. All candidates are required to answer specific questions over video.

Always tending to mechanized inquiries can limit an applicant’s interest and likely create misconceptions in the entire recruitment plan.

Visual media should never be underrated especially at a time when the first thing humans tend to do after they wake up is looking at their mobile screens.

Therefore, with the above points in mind, it’s time for recruitment agencies and headhunters to utilize the same in their hiring strategy for 2022.