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If you’re looking for recruitment software that is easy to setup & use, packs powerful features and provides good value for money, Recruit CRM offers all of it right out of the box. When choosing a staffing software, it’s tempting to go with the crowd and pick someone like Bullhorn. But remember, you could spend significant time and money just setting it up. This doesn’t include the steep learning curve for your recruiters, as they get used to a complex, clunky interface.

Bullhorn vs Recruit CRM

Bullhorn Recruit CRM
Over $100 USD per user per month Only per user per month
Old clunky design Great user interface that's easy to use
Long purchase & setup process Instant Setup - Get started in minutes for free
You’re forced to pay right after the online demo Try for free as long as you want

If you’re looking for a Bullhorn alternative that suits your recruitment needs, your recruiters, and your wallet, welcome to Recruit CRM.


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