Designed to Provide an End-To-End Solution Solving All the Problems - Recruit CRM Stands out at GoodFirms

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Ajay Mallapurkar Published on Aug 26, 2020

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Taking out all the pain and making recruiting fun by providing end-to-end solutions, and resolving all the problems, Recruit CRM embellishes amongst the top recruiting software at GoodFirms.

View the Recruit CRM’s GoodFirms profile to know about its working as the best recruiting software in detail.

Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM was founded in 2017 and is based in Mountain View, California. It assists recruiters in managing all their work on a single platform. It takes care of all the repetitive work and supports the recruiter in filling the positions in the best possible manner.

Recruit CRM is designed by recruiters for recruiters. Recruit CRM is fostering recruiting agencies in more than 45 countries and is trusted by hundreds of recruiting agencies as a technology partner. Moreover, 1000s of candidates are placed with the support of Recruit CRM.

Makes Recruit CRM Different from Others?

Recruit CRM provides a single solution to manage all your applicants, consumers, vacancies, and teammates. The following are the features Recruit CRM which endows it to stand out amongst other software.

  • It is one of the leading Applicant Tracking Software enlisted at GoodFirms which helps the recruiters to maintain and organize the resumes of the candidates. ATS goes through all your records and fills the vacant position faster.
  • Through CRM, it manages your leads and customers and keeps the sales pipeline evergreen of the businesses.
  • It also includes resume parser which segregates unlimited resumes in bulk and builds the candidate lists in seconds.
  • It also gives chrome extension, boolean search, and job page through which the recruiters can get the applicants’ details straight from any job portal by making every record searchable. It also customizes the job page and promotes the jobs on your websites.
  • Complete data that goes into Recruit CRM is stored in world-class data centers managed by Amazon Web Services and encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption. This process is as per the global industry standard for internet data security, which is regularly updated by Recruit CRM.

following are the advantages of Recruit

  • It reduces system faults and enhances efficiency in one simple solution.
  • It automatically synchronizes and gets stored in a single database.
  • One can see everything from just one place.
  • It saves time and decreases the stress in the HR department of the respective businesses.

Thus, it can be observed that an Applicant Tracking Software fulfills all the requirements, which a recruiter has to go through daily and carrying out those tasks manually is difficult. All of the above in-brief details also endow Recruit CRM as one of the thriving Recruitment Agency Software at GoodFirms.


Recruit CRM offers single but transparent pricing at monthly and annual billing. Once signing up the subscription, the recruiters can cancel it at any time, and the complete data can be exported out of Recruit CRM with few clicks. Also, the companies can enjoy each feature by opting for a free trial version.

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