The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Recruitment Agency Software

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Ajay Mallapurkar Published on Aug 26, 2020

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Choosing the right software for your recruitment business is as important as choosing your life partner! Just like how the right life partner can make life an enjoyable and fulfilling journey, The right software can make your business more productive & profitable.

Below, I’ve listed key things you need to consider before you choose the right life partner for your business

 1. The level/volume of recruitment

Before choosing a recruitment CRM, it is very important to consider the kind of recruitment business you are building: Entry level, Mid-level or Executive Search. This is important because the software features you need will differ based on the type of recruitment you perform.

Example: If you are into entry level recruitment, and source most of your candidates from job boards, you should look for a software that lets you post jobs to job boards.

2. Key Features 

Make a list of all the time consuming things you do at work, this will help you come up with the software features you want. 

Examples of a few problems you might be facing today and features that can help you solve them:

1.) Manually entering candidate information from a CV to a database is painful. A powerful Resume Parser will help take the pain away

2.) If you source candidates from job boards and social media platforms, look for a software which helps you post jobs on these platforms and get these candidates directly in your database

3.) Keeping a track of paid and unpaid invoices . A software with a placements and billing manager will come in handy

4.) Securing your data and staying legally compliant. If you are from the EU or United States make sure you pick a system that has provisions for GDPR & EE

5.) Keeping a track of unique information. Make sure the software you pick is customizable and works for your business

6.) Accessing your data on the go. A system that is hosted on the cloud and works on your cell phone and tablet will go a long way

If tracking & monitoring your employees and organisation’s performance is important to you, Look for systems which will give you strong KPI performance reports. These reports will help you make data driven decisions

3. Pricing & Hidden Costs 

A software purchase generally has hidden costs associated with it, these may include:Data migration fees, Implementation charges & taxes like the VAT. A few vendors also charge extra for customer support. Different systems have different billing patterns: monthly, Half yearly, yearly etc. You will also have to decide whether to pay by a credit card or through a bank transfer.You can expect to spend about 2-6% of your annual payroll on software.

4. Implementation 

Implementing a new system can become a very lengthy process (upto 3 months). Some products are very complex and require multiple training sessions. Understanding the time required to implement each of the systems you are looking at will help you make a more informed buying decision.

5. Customer Support 

Customer Support plays a role in 3 critical stages:

Evaluation: Customer support is at their absolute best when you reach out to them while evaluating a system as they are trying to win your business.

During Implementation:You might need help from support while setting up the system to work for your business processes. Great training sessions will also be critical to success.

Bug Alert! Once the Recruiting System is set-up, is when you will actually understand the need of quality Customer Support. Look for a vendor who is know for responsive & helpful customer service that responds in minutes not days.

6. Software Downtime

Software downtime is the time during which you cannot access your software due to updates or technical issues. This results in lost productivity. This is where newer cloud based systems have an advantage as they have very little to no down time every month. You will also not have to worry about ever having to update your system as updates are automatically delivered in the background.

Hope this list helps make your life a little easier. Do check out Recruit CRM, we might just be the system you’re looking for. Happy Recruiting!