Applicant Tracking System

Accelerate your entire recruiting process & save time. Designed for small & growing agencies.

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Manage & Visualise Candidates

Instantly see a visual representation of which stage each candidate is in on an interactive digital board.

Applicant Tracking System
Powerful Resume Parser

Recruit CRM’s resume parser uses Artificial Intelligence to extract the most useful information from your resumes. The parser scans your inbox for resumes and offers you the option to parse the resumes found. Our resume parser is deeply integrated into our system to give you the best experience ever.

Resume Parser

Our Hotlists let you & your team collaborate to create curated lists of candidates for future use. So if anyone in your team is looking for “High-quality VP Engineering Candidates In San Francisco that have graduated from a specific university”, you can find all relevant candidates in 2 clicks!

Hot List
Jobs Management

From multi-posting to job boards across the world to adding notes/reminders on jobs, we’ve taken care of everything. Recruit CRM makes it easy to work with jobs no matter what it is you’re trying to do!

Jobs Management
Customisable Hiring Pipeline

Recruit CRM offers a customisable hiring pipeline where you can use multiple stages and fire emails depending on each stage. We’ve automated most of the things that help you focus more on your business and less on manual things.

Customizable Hiring Pipeline

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