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Jobs Page

Create your unique career (jobs) page to allow candidates to register and apply for open jobs with your agency.

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Link To Apply Directly

Share a unique link generated for every job with your candidates via social media, WhatsApp and let your job openings get the reach they deserve.

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Customized Jobs Page

Choose the color scheme, logo, job description and make your jobs page the way you like.

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Customised Job Application Form

Isn’t it unfair on your part to have the same form filled by every candidate? Get a clearer idea of the candidate by asking relevant questions and details before screening them.

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Social Media Posting

Share your jobs on social media and attract more candidates to fill positions faster.

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It’s Easy to Get Started

You can immediately start a zero-commitment free trial or book an online demo with us

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Get Work Done on the Go

Our handy mobile apps let you get the data you need on the fly