Forecasting the future of recruiting operations with Jeremy Lyons

Recruit CRM vs. Bullhorn JobAdder Firefish Crelate Loxo Vincere Jobvite

While other recruiting software in the market is flashy, bulky, and slow with little to no accountability, poor customer service, and massive feature gaps, Recruit CRM simplifies & automates your recruitment process within 5 minutes, brings in more revenue, and helps you close positions faster.

Why are recruiters making the switch to Recruit CRM?

Instant setup
Powerful features
24/7 customer support
I’ve used Bullhorn, I’ve used Pipedrive, I’ve used Zoho Recruit, and they are all kind of lackluster. They don’t deliver a product that solves our problems and the solutions we need.
Recruit CRM is the first product that I’ve seen that’s actually built by recruiters for recruiters.
The user interface is very user-friendly since many recruiters aren’t the most tech-savvy people. The different functions of the product are geared towards helping us get our job done; none of them are flashy things that are just there to look cool. It’s all very practical and usable; we use 95% of the features daily.

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Brennen Jackson
MMI Industries

Why choose Recruit CRM?

Recruit CRM vs. JobAdder

Here’s why Recruit CRM is a winner:

Recruit CRM vs. Loxo

Take us on a spin because we are:

Recruit CRM vs. Vincere

Here’s why you should choose us:

Recruit CRM vs. Firefish

We are winning hearts because of:

Recruit CRM vs. Jobvite

Must try us out for our:

Recruit CRM vs. Crelate

Put a pin on Recruit CRM because of:

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Take a look at some of our dynamic features

Chrome extension
Source top talent from LinkedIn, Xing, Gmail, Outlook, and more.
resume parsing
Resume parsing
Parse resumes in bulk to screen candidates.
Kanban board
Visualize your candidate pipeline in Kanban view.
Send emails in bulk using our ready-to-use customizable templates.
We allow 100% customization of your hiring process as per your needs.
Reports and analytics
Measure every aspect of your business and team’s performance.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using Recruit CRM?
Recruit CRM is power packed with all the features and functionalities TA specialists need to carry out their tasks. Here are some of the advantages of using our recruiting software:
  • It helps you save time and reduces hiring costs
  • It helps you generate better ROI
  • You will have 24/7 live customer support
  • The interface is user-friendly, and the system is easy to use
  • The ATS + CRM is 100% customizable and allows 5000+ integrations
  • It is GDPR and EEO compliant and also SOC-2 and ISO certified!
How good is the customer care service provided by Recruit CRM?
The company provides 24/7 live customer support. All user queries are answered in less than two minutes by our dedicated customer success team. Moreover, the software company takes user feedback very seriously. As per feedback received, the software is updated with useful features.
What is the pricing plan of Recruit CRM?
It has simple and transparent pricing that has value for money. You can get started by using the system for free since we have a zero-commitment free trial for an unlimited time period in place. We currently have three plans- teams, business, and enterprise. Hit this link to know more.
Can I migrate data from other recruiting software into Recruit CRM?
Yes, you can! You can either choose the free or paid option. Free – You can use our built-in Excel/CSV import tool to import candidates, companies/clients, and notes linked to them. Paid – You can hire our team of expert data migration engineers to take all your data and bring it into Recruit CRM. This service is priced based on the amount of data you need to import and takes between 10-14 business days to complete. For more information on data migration, click here.

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