Calculate the ROI of your applicant tracking system

How do you know that your applicant tracking system is REALLY profitable?

Use this ROI calculator to find out how much of your valuable time and money you’re saving with your current ATS.

Decoding return on investment for an ATS

ROI is a performance metric used to evaluate the efficiency and profitability of an investment in a software, service, or tool. It is a popular performance measure because of its true versatility and simplicity.

The formula to calculate ROI

ROI = ( Profit Gained / Cost of Investment ) x 100

How does an ATS maximize your ROI?

Finding the perfectApplicant Tracking Systemis a dream come true!

It decreases the time taken to fill positions

It reduces your hiring andrecruitment marketingcost

It helps improve the quality of hire

It enhances your work productivity

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Frequently asked questions

How to calculate the return on investment of an ATS?

To calculate the ROI of an ATS, you can use this formula- (Profit gained / Cost of investment)*100. To know more, head over to this blog.

Why is it important to measure savings?

It is important to measure savings so that you have a clear idea of the efficiency of your recruiting software. Measuring the ROI helps you with your analytics and to make the final call on whether to continue using a software or tool.

What are the benefits of calculating ROI?
Here are the advantages of calculating ROI-
  • It enables you to measure work efficiency.
  • It helps you give a comparison analysis.
  • It helps you determine profitability.

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