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AI and beyond

AI resume parsing

Transform resume screening with precise extraction, multi-lingual support, and time-saving automation through Recruit CRM’s AI-driven parser.

Candidate matching

Find candidates that are similar to high potential candidates you’ve already identified using bimetric scoring and comprehensive analysis for accurate and relevant connections.

AI GPT integration

Save hours every week with our GPT integration that offers automatic job description crafting, insightful summaries, and AI generated email templates and notes.

Automated outreach with email sequencing

Never miss an email again with our automated sequencing, ensuring timely follow-ups and responses to keep your hiring process and business development on track.

Popular features to make hiring a cakewalk


Chrome extension

Source candidates with Recruit CRM’s Chrome extension from LinkedIn, Xing, Zoominfo, etc. Add records to your database in a few clicks, streamline sourcing, and enhance your recruitment process.


Leverage our no-code, enterprise-grade workflow automation solution to streamline and automate repetitive tasks and processes within Recruit CRM and third-party apps. Get access to 5000+ tools and apps through Zapier and Integrately.



Personalize Recruit CRM to your needs with 100% customization- tailor fields, dashboards, emails, and pipelines for a unique experience, ensuring alignment with your recruitment goals and strategies.

Emailing capabilities

Boost communication with Recruit CRM’s emailing. Enjoy 1-click integration (with G-suite, Outlook, IMAP), automated triggers, ready-to-use templates, personalized bulk messaging, reports, and email parsing.


Reporting and analytics

Gain insights with Recruit CRM’s reports and dashboards. Analyze team performance, job statistics, deals, candidate lifecycle, client performance, time to hire, and make data-driven decisions to monitor your process.

Resume/CV formatting

Brand resumes sent to clients with Recruit CRM by adding personalized headers, footers, and watermarks. Enhance professionalism, align with your brand identity, and impress your clients effortlessly.



Tag candidates with similar skill sets/locations and create talent pools with Recruit CRM. Organize your talent, enhance accessibility, and accelerate your recruitment process for targeted roles.

Request to update profile

Stay GDPR compliant with Recruit CRM and allow candidates to update their own data within your database. Enhance privacy, ensure accuracy, and foster candidate trust, all while simplifying your hiring process.


Submit candidates to clients

Submit candidates to your hiring manager in just two clicks with Recruit CRM and get feedback from them. Streamline collaboration, enhance efficiency, and ensure alignment with client needs.

Other features

Kanban boards

Visualize your recruitment workflow with Recruit CRM’s Kanban view to track candidates, manage tasks, and monitor progress at a glance.

Premium job boards posting

Promote your jobs on 2000+ premium job boards across the globe with our ATS + CRM to buy ads and reach the right talent.

Advanced search filters

Find the perfect candidates with Recruit CRM’s advanced search to conduct radius and boolean searches within your database with ease.

Call & call records within the system

Call candidates/contacts directly from Recruit CRM to track phone calls and keep your team informed, enhancing communication and collab.

Candidate history

See the complete candidate life cycle within a job, providing insights into progress and key milestones for informed decision-making.

Notes, tasks, calendars, and files

Add notes, tasks, appointments, and files to candidates/contacts. Stay updated with information on each record for easy management.


Link any note, call log, or meeting to multiple records, ensuring interconnected data management and access to vital information.

Deals pipeline

Look into your revenue pipeline with Recruit CRM. Associate deals to contacts, companies, jobs, and candidates for a view of your business opportunities.

Jobs/career pages

Connect Recruit CRM to your website, allowing candidates to directly apply to positions your firm is recruiting for, enhancing accessibility and experience.

Direct link to apply

Send individual job application links for each job with Recruit CRM, enabling candidates to directly apply and accelerating hiring.

Live chat support

Experience 24/7 support with Recruit CRM, boasting an average response time under 1 minute, ensuring immediate assistance when needed.

Roles & teams

Customize and assign roles to team members within Recruit CRM. Create teams, assign ownership, and collaborate with structured team management.

Mobile application

Leverage Recruit CRM’s native iOS & Android apps that bring recruitment management to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Multilingual support

Recruit CRM is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese & Dutch. Additonally we also have live chat support available in all languages we support and are actively adding support for more languages.


Generate and send invoices to clients for seamless billing, ensuring accuracy, and enhancing client relationships with timely invoicing.

GDPR & EEO compliance

Trust Recruit CRM’s full GDPR compliance & Equal Employment Opportunity compatibility, ensuring privacy and legal adherence in recruitment.

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