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What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) helps recruiters streamline their complete recruitment cycle. An integral part of recruiter’s tech stack, an ATS sorts through thousands of CVs to locate competent candidates for an open job role.

Brings light to only the topmost candidates with speed

A fully advanced ATS’ main goal is to make the selection and recruitment operations more effective by scanning, ranking, and recommending candidates to your clients in the shortest time span.

Reduces time spent on manual tasks

An ATS can help you own your productivity game by eliminating all repetitive, manual tasks, thereby allowing you to focus on other strategic tasks at hand. Make use of bulk emailing, resume parser, notes, call logs and email templates to save time.

Improved cost per hire

A recruiter’s minimum monthly fee runs between $2000 and $3000, whereas an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) costs between $100 and $150 per user each month. It can save you money by boosting sourcing efficiency by more than 5% per month while covering the cost.

How does an ATS work?

An ATS automates the whole hiring process, from creating job advertisements and posting them on different job sites to screening and sourcing prospects and tracking application statuses.

Sources the right candidates

An ATS can track down the most qualified candidates for an open role.

Scans CVs for main keywords

When you run CVs through an ATS, it will scan them for specific keywords that you're hiring for.

Sort candidates

You may use an ATS to create candidate hotlists, mark them as favorites, and make quick comments for future reference. This makes sorting and organizing a huge number of CVs easy!

Track applicants with ease

After you've finished scanning resumes and categorizing them according to your needs, an ATS can help you keep track of them throughout the recruiting process.


Top features & benefits of an applicant tracking system

A recruiting agency serves a dual purpose. One is to speed up the process of sourcing and hiring talented candidates, and the other is to guarantee that the selected candidate and the company are a good fit.

A flexible system for both employer & the agency

Online job postings, interview feedback, and other collaborations may all be done with ease.

Easy job posting

Lets you upload your job openings on several platforms with just a single click.

Positive candidate experience

An ATS lets you automate crucial tasks like sending an email every time a candidate is rejected or selected, ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Easy interview scheduling

Applicant Tracking Systems can schedule and send automatically generated emails to the shortlisted candidates, informing them about upcoming interviews.

Speeds up the recruitment cycle

The benefit of having all applicants' information centralized and organized in a single platform allows recruiters to have faster access to the entire hiring process overview.

Other key benefits of an ATS

What to look out for in an ATS?

Selecting the finest ATS and Recruiting CRM for your recruitment business may be challenging with so many alternatives.

Understand your budget

You should expect to spend 1% to 3% of your recruiter’s compensation on their ATS and CRM.

Check for the right features

Start thinking about the features you need. This can vary greatly depending on the size of your agency.

Time required to setup

You should be able to buy & set up your system on your own in just a few hours.

Ask about customer support

Be upfront and ask about customer support. If the customer support sucks, you’ll have a hard time using the Applicant Tracking System.


Why you should invest in our applicant tracking system?

Recruit CRM’s ATS is designed for agencies of all sizes.

Manage & visualize candidates

Instantly see a visual representation of which stage each candidate is in on an interactive digital board.

Powerful resume parser

Recruit CRM’s resume parser uses Artificial Intelligence to extract the most useful information from your resumes. The parser scans your inbox for resumes and offers you the option to parse the resumes found. Our resume parser is deeply integrated into our system to give you the best experience ever.

Hotlist candidates!

The Hotlist feature lets users collaborate to create curated lists of candidates for future use. So, if anyone in the team is looking for 'High-quality Engineering candidates in San Francisco that have graduated from a specific university', you can find all relevant candidates in 2 clicks!

Jobs management

From posting to multiple job boards across the world to adding notes/reminders on jobs, an ATS makes jobs management easy.

Customizable hiring pipeline

A customizable dashboard and hiring pipeline will let you utilize multiple stages and fire emails depending on each stage.

Advanced search

The search functionality has been taken to another level. From boolean to filter and radius search, do everything in one place.

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