Europe’s Leading Recruitment Partner, Approach People, is Saving 250 Hours Weekly with Recruit CRM!

Recruit CRM is helping a French-Irish recruitment agency save 250 hours of administrative tasks weekly, automate their workflow and allocate more time to building solid candidate-client relationships.

How Recruit CRM is Helping Centrum Solutions Improve  Candidate Visibility & Communication Processes

Centrum Solutions, a career transitioning company, is centralizing its hiring team efforts, boosting its candidate visibility, and effectively managing communication processes using Recruit CRM.

How Recruit CRM is Helping Rent a Recruiter Boost its Job Fill Rate & Manage International Clients

Rent a Recruiter is witnessing a massive boost in their productivity and placements using Recruit CRM. Learn how our ATS + CRM is helping this award-winning recruitment firm streamline its administrative workflow.

Korean HR Consulting Firm, RDI Worldwide Expands Globally Using Recruit CRM!

A technology that would help them scale globally–for Gordon Dudley, CEO of RDI Worldwide, this was the biggest push to search for a new recruitment software.  Read on to discover how RDI Worldwide has been able to expand its global client base exponentially with Recruit CRM.  About RDI Worldwide  In

How Executive Search Firm Zeren Scales its Team by 1100% Within 12 Months of Using Recruit CRM

It’s an all-too-familiar story: A search firm invests in a recruitment software, only to find it insufficient for their rapidly scaling business. So what’s next?  With the help of Recruit CRM’s ATS + CRM system, Zeren–a London-based executive search firm, found the solution to their recruitment challenges and even witnessed

InspHired Scales by 130% Within 3 Years of Using Recruit CRM!

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that’s exactly how Landry Mutombo, Chief Executive of InspHired, describes his relationship with Recruit CRM.  The InspHired team’s first encounter with Recruit CRM was during the very early days of our product, but eventually, they ended up revisiting our ATS +

How Recruit CRM Became L-Lindh’s Secret to Candidate Sourcing!

Lauren Lindh, Founder of L-Lindh, an executive search firm, knows that the secret to hiring the best C-level talent is flexibility and a great recruitment team.  However, there is a third ingredient that makes it way easier to work with demanding clients spread across multiple industries. What is that, and

Group928 Doubles Their Executive Placements Within 12 Months of Using Recruit CRM

For Christina Stroud, Co-Founder of Group928, Recruit CRM has been the backbone of their business operations for the past 2 years.  Group928's vision has always been to serve as the best recruiting partner for its niche client base. And to be able to do that, they needed the best ATS

MMI Industries Witnessed a 100% Rise in Revenue Within 30 Days of Using Recruit CRM

We recently were in conversation with Brennen Jackson, Chief Vision Officer at MMI Industries, who’s been a Recruit CRM user since January 2022.  Like most recruiters, Brennen was fed up with the trial and error of different recruiting software until we came into the picture.  Based in Denver, Colorado, Brennen

How Bluebird Grew Their Team by 150% Using Recruit CRM’s ATS + CRM System

We recently spoke to Machiel Kunst, Bluebird's Founder, a Recruit CRM user for the past two years. Here are some key takeaways from our conversation where he spoke about how selecting the right CRM solution should always be a top priority for any recruitment agency. Machiel has a sales background

Cooper Coleman is Gaining a Boost in Their Executive Placements with Recruit CRM

Does a recruiter ever step into a candidate’s shoes to understand the challenges and difficulties faced in the job market? Johnny Cooper, Founder of Cooper Coleman LLC, explains how his experiences both as a recruiter and a candidate helped shape the development of his executive search agency. Before diving into

Recruit CRM is Helping a Legal Recruitment Agency Aggressively Reduce Its Turnover Rate

The Founder and Director of Avimukta, Neha Sharma, with more than a decade-long experience in the legal recruitment sector, has enormous knowledge in the field and a wide network that includes some of the top organizations in the world! With her long-term portfolio management skills and expertise in recruiting legal

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