Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative

From workflow woes to wins: Here’s how Recruit CRM did a complete makeover for Creative Alignments

“Our approach has been consistent for over a decade, and integrating Recruit CRM has strengthened it further.” 

Dee Ryan
Client Services Director at Creative Alignments


Creative Alignments has been following a unique recruitment approach from the start. With over a decade in the business, they’ve adopted a time-based billing model, setting them apart from traditional contingency search agencies. 

Their model is cost-effective, allowing clients to make multiple hires from a single search without any extra expense.  

Despite their innovative approach, they did hit a snag – their existing applicant tracking system could not accommodate their unique working model and failed to scale as the company grew. 

So much so that a plain task like searching for candidates became cumbersome and time-consuming.  

The team tried multiple recruitment software, but they turned out to be too complex, and the recruiters struggled to use them. 

“We had been using different ATS solutions over the years, some of which were very complicated. The recruiters were just not using our existing ATS.”

How Recruit CRM fits into Creative Alignments’ ATS search

The quest for a better ATS led Creative Alignments to Recruit CRM. 

Skeptical due to past disappointments, the team was pleasantly surprised by their first demo.

“We were so excited at what we saw! It was almost too good to be true,” recalls Dee Ryan (Client Services Director at Creative Alignments). 

Recruit CRM stood out for its 100% customizable nature, clean interface, and the promise of easy adaptation for recruitment teams.

Creative Alignments’ top picks from Recruit CRM’s system

1. Tailored to perfection with customization

The level of customization in Recruit CRM is a major win for the Creative Alignments team. 

Adding custom fields and tailoring workflows to specific client needs has been a huge advantage.  

This customization isn’t just a minor improvement but a pivotal change, allowing the team to provide the most personalized and effective recruitment experience for each client.

“We saw how customizable the system is. We couldn’t find an ATS that fit our business needs, and we saw the potential in Recruit CRM.” 

2. Simplicity meets efficiency in user interface

In recruitment, where every second counts, a complex system can be a huge hurdle. 

But our user-friendly interface, and intuitive and simplistic design allows their team of recruiters to quickly adapt and focus on their core tasks. 

This efficiency in the system eliminates unnecessary complications, allowing a more streamlined recruitment workflow and reducing frustration.

3. Features made to empower recruiters

Recruit CRM didn’t just impress with its customization and ease of use; it also offers a suite of features designed to meet recruiters’ needs. 

Each feature is crafted to address the daily challenges recruiters face, from efficient candidate tracking to streamlined communication tools. 

Owing to this, the team at Creative Alignments now works more effectively and concentrates on providing exceptional recruitment services.

Creative Alignments + Recruit CRM = smoother processes and higher recruiter adoption!

Since implementing Recruit CRM, the changes have been nothing short of transformative.

“Our approach has been consistent for over a decade, and integrating Recruit CRM has strengthened it further.” 

Recruiters at Creative Alignments are now more engaged, and the management team enjoys enhanced visibility into client activities and pipelines. 

The support from Recruit CRM, especially post-implementation, has been a major highlight that’s helped boost the recruiter adoption rate for their new recruiting software

Is your applicant tracking system due for a change?

Creative Alignments’ journey with Recruit CRM is more than just a success story; it’s a testament to how the right tools can redefine efficiency and effectiveness in recruitment. 

If you’re eager to transform your recruitment workflow with an ATS that truly understands your needs, our product specialists are here to guide you. 

Book a demo today and experience the difference firsthand!

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Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative for your recruiting agency


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