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All the things you ever wanted. Automated.

Automate your workflow with Recruit CRM and save time for better things in life.

Change the game by never having to do data entry again while adding or updating candidates. Our ATS boosts your efficiency by helping you get rid of tedious manual tasks.

Chrome sourcing extension

Source candidates directly from LinkedIn, Xing, Gmail, Outlook, and more.

Kanban view

Visualize your candidate pipeline with ease by using our drag and drop Kanban boards.

Profile update

Let candidates update their own profiles and information in just one click.

Resume parser

Parse hundreds of resumes in just a jiffy and make candidate screening simpler.


Manage clients, candidates, opportunities, and follow-ups like never before! Our CRM helps improve your communication and make data-driven decisions.


Schedule, send, and track personalized emails in bulk to improve communication.

Sales flow

Visualize opportunities and potential revenue through a customizable pipeline.

Candidate marketing

Submit potential candidates to clients and get feedback in just 2 steps.

Invoice management

Generate and track invoices to complete your recruiting cycle in minutes.


Automate repetitive tasks and reduce your workload significantly. Our recruitment automation software allows you to recruit smarter, not harder.

Automated emailing

Set automated email sequence triggers to ensure that no email communication gets missed.

AI resume parser

Parse resumes efficiently and converts PDFs or word docs to detailed candidate summaries.

Chrome sourcing extension

Source potential candidates, clients, and companies into your database in just a few clicks.

Job marketing

Utilize multiple job boarding posts to improve recruitment marketing and attract top talent.


Transform your hiring workflow with custom triggers and integrations to cater to your business needs.

Workflow automations

Enjoy enterprise-grade integrations and automations within Recruit CRM. Our team of experts will help you set up custom rules based on which automation will work.

Powerful triggers

Create automations using our triggers to send your team an email, SMS, or notification when you receive a new job, feedback, or make a placement.

Pre-built templates

Jump into action with our pre-built templates and recipes between Recruit CRM & other commonly used apps, or customize workflows to your specifications. No coding required!

Time-saving actions

Our built-in workflow automations platform, Zapier, and Integrately actions let you automatically keep your database updated and enhance your efficiency and productivity.


Measure every aspect of your business to make informed decisions using our high-level analytical reports.

Number crunching made easy

Our CRM solution saves you from doing the math by curating reports and sending you reminders.

Deal stages made interesting

Track future revenue opportunities, create deal stages, customize the field, and track the metrics for any job.

Robust reporting suite

Generate detailed reports on candidates, clients, jobs, teams, deals, time-to-hire and more


Live chat support with the fastest response time in the industry. Our team ensures that you have a hassle-free experience while recruiting.

24/7 customer support

We are always available for our customers and respond to queries in less than a minute! We also provide onboarding sessions.

Help center

We have a dedicated section with all the help articles about our products and services that users can refer to navigate through the system.

Data migration

Our team provides a smooth transition to Recruit CRM with exceptional data migration service.

Product updates

Get notified about our product updates to use our software in the most efficient manner.


Why choose Recruit CRM
over Jobvite?

Choose Recruit CRM for its user-friendliness, 100% customizability, and 24/7 live support with responses in under a minute.

It also shines with enterprise-grade integrations and automation, boasting the most intuitive trigger points, a key area where Jobvite doesn’t quite measure up.
AI resume parsing
GPT integration

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Worried about migrating your data to Recruit CRM?

With Recruit CRM, it’s a stress-free process. Our expert team ensures a smooth transition while handling your data with care and precision.
Your data is securely and swiftly migrated with top-tier encryption and efficient processing for a quick transition.

Quick overview of our process:

Data discovery

We gather your existing ATS data efficiently.


Seamless import into your new Recruit CRM account.

Review & deployment

Finalize with your approval after a thorough review.

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Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to get started on Recruit CRM?
Most teams start with a free trial, and users are comfortable within 2-3 hours of using Recruit CRM. We also offer unlimited free live training and onboarding over Zoom to help new users get more out of our ATS + CRM. Feel free to contact us through our chatbot to arrange a meeting with our team!
We are getting a better deal from your competitors. Why should we invest in you?
We provide more value for the money as compared to our competitors. Our powerful ATS + CRM has all the functionalities you need to streamline recruitment, and we also have the most active customer support team.
Do you provide demos and support in local languages like French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc?
Yes, we’ve recently started providing the same in non-English languages. We now have people on our team who speak English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. We are still expanding our team across multiple countries.
Recruit CRM doesn't have a specific feature I am looking for. What can be done in this case?
Our team constantly works on introducing newer functionalities. We have a public roadmap where users can put in requests to roll out important features. We take customer feedback very seriously.
Is Recruit CRM GDPR compliant?
Yes, Recruit CRM is GDPR compliant. We also give you tools to make your organization GDPR-compliant. Click here to learn more about our GDPR policy.
Does Recruit CRM own all my data?
No, YOU own all the data you put into Recruit CRM. We simply help you manage your data and business more efficiently. You can extract your data from Recruit CRM in minutes, anytime you wish.
What is the cost of opting for Recruit CRM's data migration service?
Getting your data from your existing systems to Recruit CRM is very simple. You have 2 options:
  • Free – You can use our built-in Excel/CSV import tool to import candidates, companies/clients, and notes linked to them. Moreover, you will be able to upload the CV(s)/Resume(s) using our AI Resume Parser.
  • Paid – You can hire our team of expert data migration engineers to take all your data and bring it into Recruit CRM. This service is priced based on the amount of data you need to import and takes between 10-12 business days to complete.
If you want to learn more about how we approach data migration, visit this page.
Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. In addition, you can export your data out of Recruit CRM in just a few clicks. No strings attached.
Still have questions?
Learn more in our help center.

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To all recruiters in my network!

If you’re in search of an Applicant Tracking System that does more than just track, I've found a great match - meet Recruit CRM

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Gonçalo Sequeira
Founder & CEO @ Hiire - Helping Companies Hiring the....
The amount of volume that recruiters work with on a daily basis is absolutely wild.

Over a year? We’re talking to hundreds and thousands of candidates.

And here’s the thing:

Keeping things organized can be tricky.

Candidates, communication, feedback, interview notes, follow-ups, offers, and everything in between. It’s a lot to juggle!

That’s why I'm straight-up pumped to share about Recruit CRM.

Recruit CRM is a game-changer for recruiters! With it's AI-driven automation, their ....read more
Nicky Slavich
Recruiter at Google
👋 Hey recruiter friends! I hope you all are crushing it this week, giving your candidates the red-carpet treatment!

If you know me, you know I’m B-I-G on streamlining all processes, especially my hiring process. The biggest concern of most of us recruiters is that a candidate will fall between the cracks.

I love a good ATS. And I love a good CRM. But finding a quality system that is both ATS+CRM-in-one has been a challenge.

Now, I don't usually rave about products here, but when something comes along that genuinely makes recruiter-life easier, I can't keep it to myself.

I came across Recruit CRM through LinkedIn - This software truly keeps things efficient and stress-free.
Lisa Dean
Empathetic Recruiter | Chief Experience Operations....
If you're a Recruitment Director looking around for a new CRM, this one's for you 👇🏼

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Hi there, TA pros!

If you’re in search of an ATS that not only simplifies your processes but also provides a solid ROI, I’ve discovered an awesome one.

I've found Recruit CRM. It’s a brilliant ATS + CRM platform that will completely change your recruiting game. Here's why you're ....read more
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Hey Recruiters!

Looking for an applicant tracking system that's easy to use, fast-tracks your workflow, and is ACTUALLY worth the investment?

I did some digging and came across this top-notch ATS + CRM that completely blew me away! You’re going to LOVE Recruit CRM, and here’s why:

✅ Designed by recruiters for recruiters, this lightweight system is packed with features that make recruitment a breeze. I’m in awe of their 24/7 hands-on customer support! Help is always just a phone call away with Recruit CRM. They have a library full of training videos and articles, making it easy to get up to speed on all the features. And with....read more
Carolyn Christie
Founder- Are you hiring? My team can help!

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