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A single solution to manage all your Candidates, Clients, Open Positions & Teammates.

Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM Has Everything You Need

Stop juggling between different systems to get things done. Do everything from sourcing candidates to billing clients in one place!

Recruitment CRM

Manage Candidates &

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Collaborate with

Recruitment CRM with Invoice Management

Track Placements &
Send Invoices

Built for Growing Recruitment Agencies

Organize Recruitment Activities & Eliminate Chaos

Applicant Tracking System

Accelerate your entire recruiting process & save time. Designed for
small & growing agencies.

Applicant Tracking System
  • Powerful Resume Parser

    Unlimited resume parsing. Parse Resumes from email directly into your candidate database.

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  • Jobs Management

    Share jobs on your website to source candidates directly to your database. Customize your jobs page the way you want!

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  • Hiring Pipeline

    Customize your hiring pipeline and monitor a candidate’s progress through different stages of the recruitment lifecycle for each position.

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Customer Relationship Management

Retaining and nurturing existing customer relationship while acquiring new customers is essential for the growth of any recruitment firm. Recruit CRM helps you manage and build these relationships.

  • Email Integration

    Email hiring managers & candidates. Keep a track of your teammate’s email conversations. Parse CVs received on email.

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  • Generate Invoices

    Complete your recruiting process by generating and e-mailing invoices to your clients, keep track of unpaid bills & get paid for the work you do!

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  • Client Experience

    Deliver the optimal client experience by sending clients customized candidate shortlists for each position. Get Interviewer feedback right into your database.

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Recruitment Management System

Reports & Dashboard

Manage your team and grow your business faster with our insightful KPI reports.

Recruiting Software with Reports
  • Reports

    Measure Teammates with our powerful Key Performance Indicators.

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  • Dashboard

    Gain a quick overview of all the things you’re working on.

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  • Data Driven

    Recruit CRM helps you make decisions backed by real-time data about your business.

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More Great Features

To Streamline Your Recruitment Processes

Social Sourcing

Tap the tremendous power of social media by posting jobs & sourcing candidates to your database directly from LinkedIn & Twitter.

Submit Candidates To Clients

Submit candidates to clients through an email link and collect interviewer feedback.

Customizable Jobs Page

Quickly customize your jobs page to collect candidate applications right from your website.

Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews between hiring managers & candidates. Then set reminders so you never forget anything important.

Request Updated Resume

With a click of a button, send your candidates a link they can use to update their profile & resume on your database.

Role Based Access

Control what each person in your organization can see or do in your database by giving varying levels of access to each of your teammates.

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