Europe’s Leading Recruitment Partner, Approach People, is Saving 250 Hours Weekly with Recruit CRM!

“I kept asking, ‘What’s the catch?’ but actually, it was so simple! It even has some features we didn’t envision, so it took our vision one step further.”

Emilie Narcy
HR & Operations Director, Approach People


Quick Overview

Approach People, a leading European recruiting partner for local and international companies, is extensively expanding their business reach using Recruit CRM. 

Since March 2022, our ATS + CRM system has enabled them to:

  • Automate their workflow 
  • Allocate more time for candidate-client relationships
  • Save 250 hours of administrative tasks weekly

The Story Behind Approach People

Since 2000, Approach People has been trusted by some of the biggest names in Europe to help them hire talent and build global teams. 

With a vision to boost the international visibility of their European clients, Approach People has dedicated recruitment consultants specializing across various industries for specified needs. 

When Business Expansion Calls for a TechStack Shift

Approach People knew they needed to shift to a new recruitment tech stack when they realized their current system was only functioning as a notepad. Due to the lack of features in their existing software, Approach People had to rely on several tools and isolated data points, leading to many double entries. 

“The team had outgrown our previous system, which was more used as a notepad to take notes. We knew that to leverage more opportunities, we needed to reshift everything and get an entirely new system.”

To leverage the right business opportunities for growth, the firm needed an applicant tracking system that could:

  • Provide detailed reports & track data
  • Adapt to their current business workflow
  • Optimize international business scope
  • Provide easy training, and a simple, intuitive interface 

Why Third Time’s a Charm!

In our conversation with Emilie Narcy, HR and Operations Director at Approach People, she mentioned how the entire team was blown away by the features and services of Recruit CRM. 

After a third market investigation, the team finally landed their eyes on Recruit CRM–a recruitment software that didn’t compromise their needs. 

What they love most about our ATS + CRM is the:

  • Customizability 
  • Quick setup process
  • Simplicity and ease of use 

“I kept asking, ‘What’s the catch?’ but actually, it was so simple! It even has some features we didn’t envision, so it took our vision one step further.” 

Before & After Recruit CRM

Coming from a compromising experience with two different ATS providers, Approach People instantly saw noticeable differences in their business functioning! 

From automation to instant adoption, here’s how Recruit CRM is boosting the team’s overall business performance:

1. Instant Adoption & Migration Process

Migrating to a software should be quick and easy peasy! With our 5-minute setup process, Approach People instantly adapted to our ATS without any complications. The entire team jumped on board and started using Recruit CRM immediately. 

“The adoption rate of the system was amazing and immediate. I thought the transition would be much more complicated, and all our users jumped in immediately.”

Our simplistic and customizable interface made the entire process system extremely easy to use and adapt. 

2. Automation for the Win!

LinkedIn and Outlook are two platforms where automation really took Approach People’s hiring efforts to the next level! 

The team can automate candidate sourcing and data management with our Chrome sourcing extension. Along with LinkedIn, our email integration with Outlook (+5000 more apps!) helps the team keep everything centralized. 

250 Hours Saved Each Week Just from Automation!

Thanks to automation alone, Approach People saves 250 hours weekly!

Our automation features enable the team to spend more time maintaining candidate and client relationships than completing endless administrative tasks. 

Here’s to a more positive and fast-paced candidate and client experience for the Approach People team!

Don’t let an outdated recruitment software hold you back. Automate your hiring process with Recruit CRM and make time for what matters the most. 


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