You’ve just found the perfect candidate on LinkedIn, and you’re thrilled! All you have to do is send a quick InMail outreach. Easy, right?

But candidates are bombarded with many messages every day, and the last thing you want is for your InMail to get a “Not Interested” reply.

Personalizing your message is key to standing out in front of prospects. Even with a template, making minor customizations is imperative to let prospects know you’re not a spammy recruiter.

You’ll be surprised to know that personalized InMails perform about 15% better, and the open rate for InMail is 166% higher than a traditional email.

If you’re stuck staring at a blank screen, here are 14 top-notch LinkedIn InMail templates you can start using today to land your next purple squirrel!

Ready-to-Send LinkedIn Inmail Templates for Recruiters

InMail Template 1: Skyrocket Your Career!

Ready to skyrocket your career, [Candidate_Name]?

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I’ve looked through your profile, and your experience in [Skillset] is quite impressive.

Would you consider working for another company? [Company_Name] is currently looking for a [Job_Title], and I believe you’d be a great fit!

They could really use someone with experience in [Personal Achievement/Candidate Skill].

Want to hear more about this role?

Shoot me a reply, and I’d love to talk more!

InMail Template 2: How’s Your Weekend Been, [Candidate_Name]?

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I hope you’ve had a great weekend! I’m [Your_Name], and I’m recruiting for [Company_Name], the leading—[Mention company details or achievements].

[Company_Name] is scaling rapidly and would love to build its team with talented folks like you!

They currently have an open [Job_Title] role that would be a fantastic opportunity for someone like you wanting to expand in the [Skillset] domain.

I’m sure you’ll love what [Company_Name] has to offer. They have some great perks like:

  • [Mention any distinct employer benefits]

So what do you think? Ready to kickstart your week on a positive note?

Just leave me a reply, and I’d love to connect!

InMail Template 3: Know Anyone from the [Industry_Name] Field?

Hey [Candidate_Name],

Congratulations on joining [Candidate’s_Company] as a [Candidate’s_Position]!

I know you’re probably not looking for other opportunities right now, but maybe you know someone who’d be interested in an opportunity at [Company_Name]?

They’re currently hiring for these positions:

  • [Job_Title]
  • [Job_Title]
  • [Job_Title]

Please let me know if there’s anyone you might know who has connections with anyone interested in this opportunity! I’d love to get in touch with them.

Once again, I hope your new responsibilities with [Candidate’s_Company] are fulfilling.

Feel free to message me if you’re ever looking around for other career opportunities 🙂

Have a great day ahead!


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InMail Template 4: You’ve Got What it Takes!

Hi [Candidate_Name],

After reading your post about [Post from LinkedIn profile], I was just looking at your profile, and I really like how you think. I believe your experience and values are exactly what [Company_Name] is looking for.

[Compan_Name] is looking to fill a few roles for their [Job_Title] team. I saw how you worked on [Project/responsibility of the candidate], and I’m sure [Company_Name] would love to hear more about your experience with this.

I’d love to chat with you about this role. Do you have a few minutes for a quick conversation?

Do let me know!



InMail Template 5: Love Your Posts on [Mutual LinkedIn Group]

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I’m [Your_Name], and I’m currently looking for a talented [Job_Title] for my client.

I’m also in the [Mutual LinkedIn Group], and I’ve really enjoyed reading your recent posts! I’d love to connect sometime and learn more about your work in [Skillset].

If you’re ever interested in a new career opportunity within your field, I’d love to help!

Have a pleasant day 🙂

InMail Template 6: You’ve Worked with [Mutual Connection Name]?

Hello [Candidate_name],

I’m [Your_name], and I noticed that we have a mutual connection with [Mutual Connection Name]. How exciting!

In the past, I’ve helped [Mutual Connection Name] find the perfect role, and I’d love to do the same for you.

Please let me know if you’re ever interested in a career change. If not, feel free to refer anyone from your circle who may be interested.

I can set up a quick call whenever you are available.

I hope you have a great day!

InMail Template 7: Let’s Talk Career Opportunities?

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I’m [Your_Name]

I hope you’re having a great week. I couldn’t help but notice that your experience in [Candidate Skill 1] and [Candidate Skill 2] would make you an excellent fit for some open roles I’m looking to fill.

I’m looking for a skilled [Job_Title], and your experience and skill set match the criteria perfectly!

I’d love to take a few minutes to learn more about you and what you’re looking for next in your career. I believe this opportunity will be an awesome upgrade for you!

Let me know whenever you’re available, and I’ll share more about this open role.

Thanks again for your time! Hope to chat soon.

[Your Name]

InMail Template 8: [Mutual Connection Name] Recommended You!


[Mutual Connection Name] told me about your amazing [Skillset] skills. I’m working on filling a key position for [Company_Name], and [Mutual Connection Name] made you sound like a great fit.

After looking into your skills and previous experience, I think this may be a fitting career move for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about this role, feel free to reply to this message, and we’ll chat more.



InMail Template 9: [Candidate_Name], Your Skills Are High in Demand!

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I saw your experience with [Candidate Skill 1] and [Candidate Skill 2] on your profile, and you’ve built a nice combination of skills that I haven’t seen many individuals master in the [Skillset] domain.

[Company_Name] is looking for a talented all-rounder [Job_Title] to bring their new [Product/Project] to the next level.

Let me know if you’d like to have a chat about this compelling opportunity. I’d love to understand what you’re looking for and where you stand in your career.



InMail Template 10: Interested in a Career Change?

Hey [Candidate_Name],

I’m probably the hundredth recruiter that has reached out to you, but I thought I’d give it a try and see where you are in your career.

I’ve seen your work in [Skillset] and your portfolio. I’d love to share it with my client, who’d love to have someone like you on their team!

[Company_Name] is currently short of a [Job_Title] who can add value to their team.

I totally understand if you’re not looking for anything new at the moment, but if there’s someone you know who might be interested, I’d love to chat with them.

Here are some more details about this role and the company:

  • [Company website]
  • [Job description]

Hope to hear from you soon!


InMail Template 11: Ready to Grow in [Skillset], [Candidate_Name]?

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I saw your recent post about [topic]. It was extremely well written, and I can see your expertise within the domain.

I’m looking for someone to fill a leadership role as [Job_Title]. Your expertise in [Skillset] could really help [Company_Name] ’s growing team.

Would you be interested in talking more about this amazing career change?

Looking forward to your reply.


InMail Template 12: [Company_Name] is Interested in Your Skills!

Hey [Candidate_Name],

[Company_Name] thinks your [Skillset] skills are pretty amazing! (And they’re pretty awesome too!)

[Key Company Details]

I was so impressed by your [Skillset] knowledge and experience that I showed your profile to [Company_Name], and they agreed that I should reach out to you.

We have a few positions here at [Company_Name] that I would love to tell you about.

Would you be open to learning more about these opportunities?

If so, I would love to chat with you!

Let’s talk soon,


InMail Template 13: We’ve Got Open Positions. Know Anyone?

Hi [Candidate_name],

I hope you are doing well.

I’m currently filling some positions for [Company_Name], and your profile stood out to me.

If you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to know if you have anyone in your circle who’d be interested in a career change. Please share their LinkedIn profiles and mention why they’d make a great fit and their area of expertise. 

Here are some more details about the open positions at [Company_Name]:

[Website link]

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


InMail Template 14: Interested in joining our team at [Company_name]?

Dear [Candidate_name],

I’m [Your_Name], helping [Company_Name] grow its [Industry/Department] team.

We currently have a few open roles that match your profile.

If this interests you, I’d love to steal a few minutes of your time to learn more about you and your career goals.

I understand if you’re not ready for a change at the moment. I’d be more than happy to stay in touch for future opportunities!

Have a great day ahead, [Candidate_Name].

Talk soon.

As you reach out to your prospects on LinkedIn, here’s some solid advice to keep in mind:

Your InMail should make the candidate feel unique. Make yourself and your client sound special if you want to grab a candidate’s attention.

If these LinkedIn InMail templates help you, be sure to share them with your team of recruiters!

Happy recruiting!