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Worried about migrating your data to Recruit CRM?

Are you considering switching to Recruit CRM but are hesitant about migrating your data effortlessly? We’ve got you covered with our professional ATS data migration services.

Our team, driven by digital transformation, puts in their 100% in providing you a smooth transitioning experience.

Our customers love it!

With its strategic approach, our exceptional customer success team ensures there is absolutely no fret while moving the data from your existing ATS to a newer database.

Our customers love the hassle-free process and here’s quick proof. 

How Recruit CRM moves your
ATS data seamlessly

Place your trust in a team that has made data transformation and migration super simple for hundreds of recruiting teams, just like yours.

We ensure a smooth transition in 3 easy steps

Data discovery

This involves procuring data from the old ATS system in the form of a CSV/XLS File(s), Online Drive Link(s) or external file(s).

In this step, we do the initial import of the data or records you provide us into the account that you have with us.


Deployment & reviewing

Once the export is done, you can  review the imported data and give us feedback on how the data looks with respect to the data of the records + files. We also do a quality check from our end.

Data discovery

This involves procuring data from the old ATS system in the form of a spreadsheet or external file.


In this step, your new ATS provider will do the initial import of the data or records you provide them with.

Deployment & reviewing

Once the export and import is done, the engineer will do a quality check. Then, you’re all set to use the new system.

Frequently asked questions

  Does my data remain secure during the data migration process?

All data that goes into Recruit CRM is stored in world-class data centres managed by Amazon Web Services and encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption. This is the global industry standard for internet data security. We also regularly backup your data.

  What is the approximate timeline of the process?

Most data migration projects are completed within 10-12 business days and we’ve had a 100% success rate on 250+ migrations.

  What size of data is accepted for migration?

Any size of data is acceptable in CSV/XLS/XLSX/.BAK/.BACPAC/.SQL/DATABASES etc. formats. The best part is that 99% of your data will be cleaned and transferred.

  Is Recruit CRM GDPR compliant?

Yes, Recruit CRM is GDPR compliant. We also give you tools to make your organization GDPR compliant. Click here to learn more about our GDPR policy.

  Does Recruit CRM own all my data?

No, YOU own all the data you put into Recruit CRM. We simply help you manage your data and business more efficiently. You can extract your data from Recruit CRM in minutes, anytime you wish.

  What is the cost of opting for Recruit CRM's data migration service?

Getting your data from your existing systems to Recruit CRM is very simple. You have 2 options:

  1. Free - You can use our built-in Excel/CSV import tool to import candidates, companies/clients, and notes linked to them. Moreover, you will be able to upload the CV(s)/Resume(s) using our AI Resume Parser.
  2. Paid - You can hire our team of expert data migration engineers to take all your data and bring it into Recruit CRM. This service is priced based on the amount of data you need to import and takes between 10-12 business days to complete.
“The data migration we needed to complete was daunting but the team at Recruit CRM took our requirements and built confidence in the process, the timelines and expectations. The stakeholder communication and visibility of the project was strong throughout and they delivered a great result.”
Hannah Vincent
Director, Zeren

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