Retaining and nurturing the existing customer relationships while acquiring new customers is essential for the growth of any recruitment firm.

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Client management

Manage your clients by scheduling appointments, sending automatic emails, and creating notes. Receive client feedback on candidates through our built-in system.

client management

Generate & track invoices

Complete your recruiting cycle by generating invoices for your clients and keeping track of unpaid invoices everything at once place.

Customizable sales pipeline

Create your own sales pipeline that suits your business needs and start closing more deals. The sales pipeline helps you forecast your revenue well in advance.

sales pipeline
transparent conversations

Transparent conversations

See what your team is emailing to your candidates and clients, eliminate confusion and keep things organised.


A handy feature to make quick notes about candidates and clients. Small but effective!



Create tasks for the team and plan your day in a few mins with our reminder-integrated tasks feature.



Create meetings,
add to your Google calendar and get instant notifications.


Call logs

When you’re making 100+ calls a day, losing track is easy. Call logs help you remember key conversations.


Calendar integration

Integrate your Google calendar and get reminders and notifications of upcoming events right into the system.


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