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Once your friend has paid their first bill and their system is all set with Recruit CRM, we'll email you a $50 Amazon gift card within 30 days. It's that simple!

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Frequently asked questions​

No! There’s no such upper limit. You can refer to as many friends as you can. Please remember that your friends need to book a demo and sign up for a plan before you get rewarded.
Our team usually does some checks before we email the reward. Once your friend signs up for Recruit CRM, sets up the system, and pays their first bill, we usually email the gift card within 30 days.

    Also, please ensure the following-
  • Both of you need to be outside your cancellation periods.
  • Your bill must be cleared from the point at which your friend joined Recruit CRM.
If you haven’t got rewarded, please check whether you’ve met all our terms and conditions. If you find that you have checked all the requirements and still were not rewarded, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. You can either mail us at support@recruitcrm.io or use the chatbot at the bottom right hand corner. Our first response time is under 2 minutes!

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