Fast-growing recruitment agencies need to step up their game and invest in a client management system that lets them value their new clients and nurture existing ones.

Gartner, in a study, has claimed how 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of the existing clients.

These clients are the ones who know your agency well and believe in the fact that no matter what, you’re going to provide them with the best possible candidates and fill their job orders on time. As a result, both newer and existing clients become an integral part of your recruitment agency.

Apart from client nurturing, a well-featured client management system will allow its users to manage sales, streamline the entire recruitment process, project revenue, schedule communications, and so much more, allowing your recruitment agency to provide the best possible service. Of course, this also helps increase your profitability.

Our Founder and CEO, Sean Mallapurkar, reached out to over 2,000 recruiters across countries over the last two years to continuously refine our CRM system. Our accelerated selection by recruitment agencies in more than 40 countries within its first year of launch is proof of the power of our obsession with product engineering.

Currently, we serve customers in more than 70+ countries worldwide.

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8 Ways How Recruit CRM Can Help Recruitment Agencies Manage Their Clients

1. Collaboration Made Easy

Our recruitment software acts as a single source of truth for any agency recruiter. It’s not feasible to communicate via another source or use a separate software for collaboration when most of your activity is happening on one main software. This leads to information gaps due to ineffective communication and a lot of back and forth between team members.

Starting from planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, we’ve made collaboration seem like a piece of cake! It’s high time to make informed decisions by having all project and client details in one central location.

2. Get Direct Feedback From Your Clients

Did you know that by increasing customer retention by 5%, your search agency can increase profitability by an average of almost 75%? Loyal customers help you sell your services more, leading to more money for your business.

Client feedbacks are essential since they help you understand how exactly your clients like your recruitment service. Your agency can then instantly act on any client concerns and help resolve them.

Always remember— an improved client experience results in higher client retention. Recruiters can get direct feedback from clients on our web and mobile app (available on both Android and iOS).

3. Multiple Roles & Permissions

To make everything much more handy and customizable, we have multiple roles and permissions that can be given to users.

For example, we’ve ensured recruiters can enjoy admin, owner, and user roles within our recruitment software. Our Business Plan users can also customize such fields according to their choice.

4. Third-Party Integrations

Apart from dramatically increasing productivity and boosting the functionality of your recruitment software, integrations reduce wasted time due to manual processes and help your recruitment business scale manifold.

HubSpot mentioned how 17% of salespeople state lack of integration as one of the significant challenges while using their current CRM.

We’ve fixed this problem for you. Apart from providing various email integrations with Gmail, Outlook, and more, third-party integration is possible through our API and Zapier.

Zapier allows recruiters to integrate Recruit CRM with 2000+ apps to perform lightweight automated tasks. So imagine your favorite apps working with Recruit CRM flawlessly!

5. Manage Revenue Projections Through Deals Pipeline

Apart from changing your sales stage within our software, you can also manage revenue projections through our deals pipeline. As your recruitment database starts increasing with time, recruiters need to separate them into several categories.

The stage feature in the Recruit CRM system lets you do just that. You can set up your own stages, add multiple stages from the sales pipeline making your entire pipeline customizable. However, only admins in the account will have permission to customize such fields. You can also run filters to see how everyone in the sales team is performing which can be useful for product engineering purposes.

6. Import & Export Contacts Easily

From inconsistency in data to duplication of data entry, automation can help save time, energy, and money. Imagine the amount of resources you’ll end up wasting in training staff for data entry.

Moreover, the lack of security, the discrepancy in reports, and a vast room for error make it extremely outdated and disadvantageous for any recruitment company. With Recruit CRM, you can end up importing and exporting all contacts list in the software, saving time and reducing your business costs.

7. Communicate Effectively

Recruiters can bulk email clients and candidates in case of reminders, schedules, latest job updates, and so on. Syncing your email, tracking its open rate, automated email triggers whenever specific actions are performed, organizing your email box, and more are all features that come in-built with our software.

Apart from communicating via emails, our recruitment software lets you perform in-app calls (only available for Business Plan members) and record client calls simultaneously.

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8. Generate Invoices For Your Clients

The best client management systems in the market let users both generate and track invoices for clients. Any form of manual invoice management that could potentially slow your recruitment agency down is easily fixable.

With recruiting CRM software, you can track unpaid invoices, generate invoices for your clients, and much more. At the end of the day, as your recruitment business grows with time, invoice management will become crucial to take care of. Optimize your financial processes with invoicing software. Choose from professional-looking invoicing templates and create invoices for your clients in a few seconds.

Thus, starting from interview scheduling, generating reports, email reminders on follow-up tasks, deleting records in bulk, and more, look into what else Recruit CRM has to offer here on our features page.

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