At Recruit CRM, we totally get how critical data analytics is in recruitment these days.

And that is exactly why our product experts have put in a lot of effort to create something that hits the mark for this crucial need. 

Our reports and dashboards are real game-changers! 

They lay out everything you need to know about your recruitment process, from tracking your candidates’ progress to evaluating your job performance and team productivity.

Ready to streamline your hiring and enhance your overall strategy? Dig in!

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1. Account overview report

The account overview report provides users with a bird’s-eye view of the recruitment process. 

It is segmented into three parts:

a. Total candidate pipeline: 

Total candidate in pipeline Recruit CRM reports

This segment presents a graphical representation of the distribution of candidates across various hiring stages. 

It visually depicts where candidates are concentrated in the recruitment pipeline, aiding in strategic planning and resource allocation.

b. Total deals by volume:

Deals Recruit CRM reports

Through this pie chart, you get an overview of how your deals are divided up, percentage-wise, at each stage. It’s super useful for getting a quick snapshot of how many deals you’ve got on your plate and seeing how far along they are.

c. Total deals by value

Total deals by value

The last section of this report puts a spotlight on the monetary value of your deals. This way, you can easily see the financial impact they’re having at each stage. It’s like getting a complete view of where the money’s sitting in your process. 

P.S. This report is only available for admins and account owners

2. Time to hire report

The time to hire report provides a measure of the time taken to fill an open position and place candidates. 

It tracks your hiring velocity right from the job creation process to the first candidate placement and the average time taken for closing all jobs.

Plus, you can also measure the average time taken for each hiring stage in your pipeline and track the duration candidates spend in each hiring stage. 

Bonus: These insights are exportable into a CSV file, making it easy to save them for future reference.  

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3. Candidate lifecycle report

As the name suggests, the candidate lifecycle report offers an in-depth view of a candidate’s journey through the recruitment process

This report is instrumental in understanding candidate engagement and progress over any chosen time frame.

A distinct feature of this report is the inclusion of candidate ratio assignments for each stage.

Here’s the formula to calculate this ratio:

Formula to calculate the ratio of candidates in each stage

You can use this metric to get clarity on the distribution and flow of candidates in your pipeline.

4. Client performance report

With Recruit CRM’s client performance report, you can gain in-depth insights into your interactions with clients. 

This report not only tracks the response patterns and success rates with your clientele but also helps in identifying areas for improvement in your engagement strategies. 

By providing a thorough breakdown of your interactions with prospects, the report helps you boost client satisfaction and build stronger, more productive relationships. 

It’s a must-have for recruiters looking to refine and enhance their client management strategies.

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5. Job statistics report

Job statistics report by Recruit CRM

The job statistics report in Recruit CRM helps assess the performance of various job postings and allows you to compare jobs and analyze which ones are performing exceptionally well.

It provides a clear view of all jobs with an array of KPIs, shedding light on various aspects of job management and outcomes. 

Your team can use it to understand the dynamics of employment postings over time, including historical candidate stages. 

6. Team performance report

How do you ensure your recruitment team is performing at its level best? 

The team performance report from Recruit CRM is the answer. 

This dashboard allows you to take a detailed look at each member’s contributions, as well as the overall team performance, using a variety of hiring metrics

Its design is particularly mindful of data privacy, notably in the ‘Sent Email Conversation’ KPI, reserved exclusively for account owners. 

Also, this safeguard keeps sensitive communication data secure while allowing a comprehensive assessment of team interactions and effectiveness.

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7. Deals report

The deals report offers a nuanced analysis of deal-making activities, categorizing them into two essential parts for a better understanding:

  1. Deals by teammates/team: The section scrutinizes the performance of individual team members and groups in handling deals, providing insights into their contributions and areas for development.
  2. Deals by revenue (Won/lost): This segment focuses on the financial outcomes of the deals, distinguishing between successful and unsuccessful ventures.

8. Executive search report

Executive search report by Recruit CRM

For all the executive search professionals and headhunters, if you’re in search of a customizable reporting functionality, we have the executive search report tailored just for you. 

This feature allows you to create detailed and customized reports on candidates in your pipeline, perfect for presenting comprehensive summaries to clients. 

You can craft personalized PDF reports with selected candidate information and summaries, enhancing communication about the executive search progress. 

With the capability to handle up to 25 candidates per report and the use of pre-created templates, this feature organizes your reporting process, making it a vital asset in your recruitment toolkit. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What makes Recruit CRM’s reporting feature unique?

Recruit CRM’s reporting feature stands out due to its fully customizable nature, ensuring transparency throughout the recruitment process. 

The interactive elements of the reports enhance user engagement, allowing a more dynamic analysis and understanding of data. 

This customization and interactivity make it easier for recruitment professionals to tailor their strategies to specific needs and gain deeper insights into their operations.

2. Can I start using Recruit CRM for free?

Absolutely! Recruit CRM offers an unlimited free trial, and you don’t even need a credit card to start. 

During this trial, you get complete access to most of Recruit CRM’s features, giving you the freedom to explore and use them at your own pace. 

And when you’re ready to move forward after the trial, we’ve got a range of scalable pricing plans that cater to different recruitment needs and business sizes.