Candidate Engagement Amidst the Talent War: Gina Morrison’s Secret to Building Relationships & Identifying Green Flags While Recruiting

“Now more than ever, we need to look at recruiting as a kind of sales and marketing. Getting the brand out there, posting, just making yourself an advocate for the company, a brand ambassador, and getting your name out there as best you can.”

Gina Morrison
Recruiting Manager, MCS
candidate experience


Candidates today are being taken away by the second! 

Long hiring processes, multiple interview rounds, and lengthy applications are just some of the struggles candidates face today. 

With so much going on in the industry, we recruiters must keep up with today’s candidate-centric job market if we want to stay afloat in the war for talent. 

Throughout my ten years of HR experience, I’ve learned that the key to successful recruiting relies on candidate experience and building engaging relationships. 

Recently on an episode of The Recruitment Scoop, I shared my tried and tested tips for recruiters to stand out in the jungle of talent! 

Creating an Engaging Culture Amidst the Great Resignation

Do recruitment and marketing go hand in hand? In today’s world – yes!

Now more than ever, we need to look at recruiting as a kind of sales and marketing. Getting the brand out there, posting, making yourself an advocate for the company, a brand ambassador, and getting your name out there as best you can.

Here are my tips for creating an engaging culture to attract candidates– 

  • If you’re still relying on old recruiting tactics involving posting a job ad and waiting for a line of candidates to show up–it’s time for a wake-up call! Today’s candidates want the easy way out. Unfortunately, no candidate has the patience to go through extensive interviews and assessments. 
  • If you want to grab the attention of job seekers, throw yourself out there and show how you’re willing to make hiring easy for them. Put yourself in the shoes of a candidate and understand their challenges. 

I like to automate the process for candidates, allow LinkedIn Easy Apply, and make the hiring process as easy as possible. In short, focusing on candidate experience can put you miles ahead of other recruiters. 

Build Relationships to Stand out in the Candidate-Centric Market

I’ve seen that salary and compensation aren’t the only things that attract candidates today. 

Think about what your employee value proposition represents and how it meets the expectations of job seekers. 

Recruiting today is less about recruiters and more about tuning into what candidates want. Have meaningful conversations with your candidates and identify what they expect from employers.

I like to start by asking the right questions during interviews. Instead of racing through a checklist of questions, show genuine interest in your candidate’s career goals and what piques their interest. 

A meaningful and engaging recruitment process helps you stand out as a recruiter with a candidate’s best interest. 

The Ultimate Candidate Green Flag to Look out for

Recruiting is tricky these days. You can’t always identify the ideal candidate through a 30-minute interview and a standard resume. 

But if you pay close attention, I’ve learned that there are signs that can help you weigh in on top performers.  

The biggest green flag in any interview has to be a candidate’s willingness to learn and grow in their field. When interviewing, I like to pay attention to how passionate a candidate is about their expertise and career aspirations.

Something as simple as a candidate’s attitude and the type of questions they ask during an interview can indicate how engaged they are with the open position. 

Moving Forward in the Hunt for Talent

I believe that the secret to attracting talent in a candidate-centric environment comes down to how well you understand your audience. 

But moving forward with any new recruitment strategy or tip is useless until you recognize your existing pitfalls. 

To keep it simple, I recommend clearly understanding the role you’re trying to fill. Then, define each step of the hiring process and establish expectations with your hiring manager and candidates early on. 

Defining these ground rules is the best way to rule out any misunderstandings or disappointments with your stakeholders. 

Let’s be honest. No recruiter is perfect! We’re all learning and adapting to this ever-changing industry. But your willingness to grow will help you excel in the long run.  

Happy recruiting 🙂

[Disclaimer: This blog is a summary of the views shared by the guest on our video series, The Recruitment Scoop]


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