Every recruiter wants to hire the best candidates for a job opening during the recruiting process. However, this laborious and time-consuming hiring process begins with the creation of a compelling job advertisement.

Crafting a compelling job ad may sound like a simple and straightforward task, but honestly, it’s not!

Think of it as a marketing chore, where you need to grab the attention of the right people at the right time.

You need to entice eligible candidates and compel them to seize the opportunity by applying for it.

A compelling job advertisement works as the cornerstone of a successful hiring process.

However, a majority of agency recruiters fail to create an effective job advertisement. They don’t receive responses regardless of the number of platforms they have used to let people know about the vacancy.

In the worst-case scenario, they will receive applications from people who are not eligible enough to fill the opening.

Hence, as a recruiter, you need to make sure that your job advertisement is convincing enough to grab the attention of the right candidates.

Here, we have put together a number of things that you need to consider while creating a job ad.

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How to Write a Job Advertisement? Here are 8 Action Points

1. Add a Concise & Catchy Job Title

The first and foremost thing you need to do while creating a job advertisement for your company is to make sure that it gives a perfect idea of the role your company is receiving applications for.

How do you do this?

Quite simple! You need to prepare your job ad with a concise and catchy title, a title that sounds persuasive enough to grab the attention of the eligible candidates at once. To highlight the job role, it is important to have a unique advertisement design.

Moreover, you also need to make sure that the job title is simple and gives a clear idea of what the job is about.

The title in the job ad serves as the first impression of your company to a candidate who doesn’t know anything about it.

Pro Tip: Use an Effective Poster Maker

A great tip for employers to make their job advertisements even more compelling is by using an online poster maker. If you want to promote the job opening on the social media handles of your company, then a poster maker will come in handy.

2. Give a Brief Description About the Company

Once you are done with writing the job title, now is the time to briefly describe your company.

A brief description of your company should tell an applicant about its business, culture, and objectives.

Keep the description simple; you don’t need to tell everything about your company. Just keep it to the things a potential employee would be interested in knowing. Utilize a paraphrasing tool to simplify sentences if needed.

3. Provide a Detailed Insight Regarding the Job

In this section of the job advertisement, you need to make sure that potential applicants are made aware of what they are expected to do if they get selected for the role.

You should ensure that you enlist all the duties that are expected to be performed by the potential employee.

For instance, if you are looking for a person to work as an inventory manager, you need to mention that they will keep a record of every incoming and outgoing product from the inventory. Moreover, they will also examine the products before adding them to the inventory for the sake of quality assurance.

4. Mention the Absolute Requirements

Once you are done with outlining the tasks and responsibilities of a potential employee, it’s time to mention the expertise you are looking for in an ideal candidate for the job.

In this section of the job ad, you will enlist all the major requirements you need in terms of academics, experience, and skills.

For instance, if you want to fill the opening of a networks administrator, you would want to have a person who graduated from a well-known institute in Computer Systems Engineering.

You may also want that candidate to have additional certifications from other institutions or organizations in the networking field.

If you want an experienced candidate for the job role, you need to mention the minimum years of experience you’re looking for as well.

Another thing you need to keep in mind while enlisting requirements in the job advertisement are writing must-haves and better-to-haves separately.

This will enable potential applicants to determine whether they are perfect for the job or not. If you fail to do so, you may end up losing quite a number of eligible candidates.

5. Include Relevant Keywords

Make sure your job ad is visible to targeted job seekers.

This is only possible when you make thorough keyword research and add the most relevant ones in the content of your job ad. Failing to do so will not allow you to reach your target audience, no matter how many platforms you use to promote the job opening in your company.

6. Stay Vigilant About the Tone

The tone you use in your job ad matters a lot. It tells a lot about the culture in your company.

If you are using an informal tone in the job ad, then a job seeker may think that your client company’s culture is quite casual. Similarly, using a professional tone in the job advertisement will reflect the formal culture of your client’s company.

7. Include Additional Perks

You may think that writing a brief description of the company, details of the job, and the requirements will complete the body of your job advertisement.

No, you are not done yet!

You are missing a must-have ingredient that can act as a make or break factor. You need to make sure that you enlist the additional perks of working in your client’s company.

You can make a list of such benefits like transport, annual leaves, medical coverage for staff and their family members, etc.

8. Write Clear Instructions Regarding the Method of Submitting Applications

Once you are done with creating the entire content of your job advertisement, make sure that you have provided the instructions regarding the submission of job applications clearly.

If you want to receive job applications through email, then you can ask applicants to write an email with a specific subject line.

Moreover, you can also tell them whether you need a cover letter with the resume. Additionally, provide contact details of your client’s company in the job advertisement.

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