For any agency recruiter, the worst thing is getting stuck in a rut when it comes to setting goals for recruiting plans.

Not having clarity and an aligned route on how to enhance the recruiting process will leave you static in this dynamic and competitive market.

If you are a recruitment agency or a recruitment leader, enhancing the way in which you hire candidates for your client must be an effective, constructive, and result-oriented approach.

This way, you will be able to ensure the satisfaction of your applicants and clients.

Screening the most skilled and competent candidates and recommending them to your client is the best way to expand your company and improve its results.

Agencies must improve their hiring practices in order to have a competitive advantage and attract top talent plus lucrative clients. If not done efficiently, it would be a waste of time and money and will cause a hindrance to your company’s growth.

A bad hiring decision could cost your company more than that.

Your clients or customers may begin to leave permanently and begin working with your competitor.

To avoid this, let us take you through 4 ways by which you can optimize your recruiting process.

4 Strategies for Recruitment Agencies to Boost Their Hiring Efforts

Here is a rundown of top expert-suggested tips for agency recruiters to stay at the top of their game when it comes to streamlining their hiring processes.

1. Start Using an ATS + CRM

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps in automating and streamlining the recruiting and hiring processes.

A decent ATS improves data organization and enables recruiting agencies to attract more qualified applicants.

With customized emails and notifications, an ATS and Recruitment CRM could even help you enhance your candidate experience.

How does an ATS work?

The right approach to see how an ATS tends to work in hiring is to plan a preview with one of our product specialists and then relax and enjoy the demo.

If you would like to read about it instead and know how to choose an ATS that suits your needs, here’s a detailed blog to help you out.

An ATS operates entirely on a programmatic and technological basis. It requires you to configure a few small details– such as setting up email templates, importing candidates and contacts from your existing database, configuring job boards, and more.

What are the benefits of an ATS in recruitment?

Numerous agency recruiters use an ATS to organize their flow of work and handle their crew with a single software program.

If your firm still uses spreadsheets, updating the databases will undoubtedly overburden you.

The framework of an ATS is developed to decrease your volume of work and contribute to making work much easier.

Job applicants can apply for your positions with a single click, and also some systems enable you to detect the origin of aspirants.

Candidates can submit their application forms through your webpage, and these forms will be stored on your platform.

Isn’t that convenient?

You also can delight your client by submitting to them a candidate list that may be of interest to them. Finally, customer satisfaction must always be your top priority, as it will profit your recruitment firm in the long term.

As ATS’ are usually cloud-based, you could access them from any location. The majority of the frameworks are inexpensive, and you could get started right away.

2. Explore Recruitment Tools That Could Improve Your Efficiency

Despite the fact that ATS has forever served as a core component for agency recruiters, there are innumerable talent acquisition tools to discover. The advantages of utilizing various hiring tools are indisputable.

Their proper application shortens and simplifies the recruiting process, keeps costs down, saves time and resources, and improves your agency’s overall performance.

Recruitment tools are classified into different types based on the market segment they serve:

  • Tools for mobile recruitment
  • Tools for collaboration
  • Online sourcing resources
  • Tools for conducting interviews
  • Gamification

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Again, pre-employment test methods are one of the most effective methods of predicting the job performance of prospective employees.

Testing provides useful information about your applicants’ cognitive aptitude, temperamental fit, skills acquired, and overall preparedness for the job.

The test results provide you with a more comprehensive view of every applicant, enabling your agency to make well-informed hiring decisions.

To ensure that pre-employment screening yields the desired results, ensure that the skills being tested for are job-relevant and associated with accomplishment in the position.

You could use the results of these tests to measure capabilities and qualities which are directly linked with achievement in a role as a forecasting recruitment tool.

For instance, TestGorilla’s Vue.js assessment test assesses candidates’ understanding of the  Vue.js app and identifies the ideal applicants who can implement results for all of a company’s front-end infrastructure needs.

Applicants who accomplish the desired results in the test prove that they possess the experience and knowledge required to fully utilize Vue.js.

They can create interface designs for applications from the ground up, upgrade existing projects, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

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3. Promote Employer’s EAP

Another step you can take to recruit quality candidates for your client is to highlight the latter’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Implementing an employee assistance program might very well make any company a desirable place to work because it demonstrates that the management cares about their employees.

This implies that the firm will be able to compete in recruiting the best individuals.

Now, there are a lot of advantages that EAPs can provide. Employees w
ho are happier, calmer, and more self-assured are more constructive and provide the greatest return.

They are much less likely to fall sick, to leave early brought on by stress or anxiousness, and undermine team spirit and work culture.

It’s evident that EAPs are indeed an apparent tool for recruitment agencies to improve their client company’s performance.

Perkbox’s guide to EAP outlines the many benefits of this approach. For example, a pleased, healthy workforce is, of course, essential for a good and successful business.

When employees are distracted by stress and pressure or worries in their personal lives, they are much less productive, energized, and innovative at work. Absences could also rise.

When organizations provide employees with resources to assist them in addressing such problems, the impacts on the workers and their tasks are lowered.

Moreover, providing an EAP to employees makes them feel more valued and trusted.

4. Build a Powerful Brand Image for Your Client

Before seeking employment, candidates will definitely visit several reliable websites that provide them with factual data about the available spot and the corporation.

As a result, you must work toward building a reputation management strategy for your client in the context of employer branding.

Reputation management entails constantly tracking an individual member or a brand’s track record on the web. It allows for the instant detection of potentially dangerous content as well as a prompt response to it.

The best line to explain this realm and its phenomena is – “You are who Google says you are.”

ORM or Online Reputation Management is the process of influencing the overall impression of an individual or a company.

There are several methods to influencing your ORM:

  • Internally examining the business and attempting to resolve existing issues
  • Use of social networks on a regular and correct basis to reveal the company’s values
  • Establishing Google Alerts to monitor the comments made by applicants, workers, or ex-employees on a regular basis
  • Replying to those opinions and feedback
  • Keeping an eye on webpages like Glassdoor

The corporate image represents the reputation of the firm and either recognizes it as a prevalent and desirable employer or, if showcased improperly, characterizes it as an unfavorable one.

Although it is practically impossible to control people’s opinions, you can still influence your client’s image.

Creating an effective corporate identity begins with developing the workforce’s value proposition. It enables search firms to easily pitch open positions to the best candidates.

Upgrading content and creating innovative promotional materials help to highlight the most recent and updated employer brand.

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When candidates come into contact with a company via our agency that has a strong corporate brand strategy, they can see who they really are as well as make a great first impression.

In Final Words

Now that you have gone through our tips on optimizing your recruiting agency’s hiring process don’t wait any longer to implement them.

If you have any additional suggestions or would want us to cover any other recruitment-related topic, feel free to let us know in the comments.