Slack isn’t just an alternative to your email tools or for casual workplace talks. It’s also a great place for recruiters to network and share advice from other professionals in the industry.

You can even use it to find the right candidates for open roles without ever leaving your desk!

But how does Slack make this possible?

Slack goes beyond internal communication among employees. The platform also has digital communities that are open to the public. Members of these Slack communities share knowledge and insights and can message each other directly.

Whether you’re looking to broaden your network, source candidates for those hard-to-fill roles, or want the latest know-how, here are the top ten Slack communities recruiters must join and why!

Top 9 Slack Communities for Recruiters

1. OneReq

This Slack community comprises 1,500+ talent acquisition professionals, recruiters, and employer branding marketers.

You’ll find everything from discussions on the latest HR trends to the latest recruiting innovations and technology. No matter your background in recruiting, this channel will have something for everyone!

Recruiters can find a range of different channels related to diversity hiring, job postings, and so much more. So if you’re looking for a Slack community where you can find it all, this is the community you’ll want to join!

Learn more about the OneReq community here.

2. PeoplePeople

If you want to connect with talent industry experts worldwide and share ideas about the changing recruiting landscape, PeoplePeople is the place to be!

PeoplePeople is a slack community full of recruitment influencers constantly sharing their expertise. Channel topics run from #culture-tactics to #interestingarticles to #networking.

What more could a recruiter ask for?

Join the PeoplePeople community now!

3. HRtoHR

Don’t have the time to attend in-person conferences and recruiting events? That’s exactly what this Slack community is for!

HRtoHR is an online community where recruiters and HR professionals can learn from each other, in real-time, without the formality associated with in-person events.

As the name suggests, HRtoHR is a place to talk about best HR practices, challenges, technology, and rants about all things HR.

So what’s unique about this Slack community? HRtoHR will help build your professional network, find gigs, and learn about the latest technology and upcoming launches in the recruitment industry.

What are you waiting for? Come join HRtoHR!

4. People Geeks

With over 8,500 members, People Geeks is a place to talk about the latest workplace trends and culture. Here you can find and share candidates, open roles, articles, and professional advice from thought leaders.

The best part is that you can find location-based channels for cities worldwide to get advice tailored to your region!

Once you sign up for this community, you’ll be onboarded with peers of cohorts, helping you connect with professionals.

Join the conversation in the People Geeks community!

5. Resources for Humans

Resources for Humans is a slack community run by the Lattice community for HR professionals.

This Slack community comprises over 17,000 HR professionals who can connect, share advice, and ask HR-related questions.

Resources for Humans is a community open for all. Just make sure you abide by the code of conduct and guidelines designed to make the community safe and welcoming.

Some popular channels in this Slack community are; #global-hr, #hr-tech, #diversity-inclusion, and more. You’ll even find a dedicated channel for job postings.

Sign-up for Resources for Humans here.

6. #People

#People was created for HR professionals, leaders, people interested in organizational psychology, and those who want to build better companies.

With over 6,000 professionals involved in 24/7 conversations, this Slack community is an excellent source of inspiration, feedback, and advice. It’s a place where you can learn from people ops, human resources, and talent management professionals from different industries.

The #People community also features events and AMA sessions to help you get involved.

Remember that each new applicant is screened thoroughly before being invited to the group to ensure that there are no spammers or sales pitches.

Come join in on the conversation here!

7. Secret HR Society

Founded in October 2015 by Anna Ott and Hilary Klassen, they aim to allow HR experts to share their knowledge, collaborate, step out of their comfort zone, and test and challenge ideas to create a better HR function.

Here you’ll find members with a modern and innovative approach to disrupt old-fashioned HR practices. Members of this Slack community share ideas, articles, and everything HR-related channels for different topics.

Getting into this community is a bit tricky. You’ll need a referral from a member and at least 3-5 years of experience in HR functions.

Check out Secret HR Society here.

8. Recruitment Slackers

person using black laptop computer

Recruitment Slackers is an invite-only Slack community for in-house recruiters to share news, content, techniques, and tools for recruiting. The community originates from the Netherlands but has a global audience and is also friendly to English speakers. All you have to do is fill out a quick Google form, and they’ll add you ASAP.

Sign-up for Recruitment Slackers here.

9. People Over Perks

People Over Perks is a great community to connect with like-minded HR and people operations professionals.

This community is aligned to help companies create a culture where employees can receive the right mix of training and feedback to develop.

With over 4,000 members, this is your place to find best HR practices and resources, webinars, and access to exclusive AMA sessions with top people operations leaders.

This Slack community includes channel topics ranging from #Hiring to #DiversityAndInclusion.

Learn more about the People Over Perks Slack community here!

Looking for More Slack Communities to Join?

Still haven’t found a Slack community that speaks to you? No worries! If you’re looking for more Slack communities to join, check out Slofile.

With Slofile, you can access a whole database of public Slack groups to join. Just enter a category, region, and your preferred language to discover a whole new community of recruiters or job seekers.

There’s no question about it. Slack dominates the workplace! You’re probably already using it to stay connected to your team, but you can use it for so much more.

Join a few Slack communities that pique your interest and network with other recruiters. In fact, go beyond networking and use it for your hiring needs.