As a beginner in recruitment and talent acquisition, gaining insights from experts is a great way to establish yourself in the industry.

With the Great Resignation and unprecedented challenges brought by the pandemic, the current job market holds many obstacles for recruiters.

Following well-established experts in the recruitment field is the best practice to overcome recruitment challenges and to make sure you don’t end up making the same hiring mistakes again.

To help you on your recruitment journey, we’ve kept an eye out for the best recruitment influencers.

These influencers have been consistently enlightening their followers about the latest recruitment trends and how to overcome challenges.

1. Stacy Donovan Zapar


Stacy Donovan Zapar is the founder of The Talent Agency, a recruitment agency specializing in recruiting recruiters.

She has been well-acquainted with the recruitment industry for the past two decades.

A member of multiple recruiting advisory boards, Stacy has led global talent attraction, sourcing, training, and search initiatives for top employers, including Zappos, TripAdvisor, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Netflix.

She has been featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and many other publications.

As a keynote speaker, Stacy consistently shares advice and insight on the best recruitment practices. Be sure to check out her LinkedIn for the best recruitment tips.

2. Hung Lee

Hung Lee is the curator for Recruiting Brainfood and the co-founder of

Recruiting Brainfood presently has a massive influence on recruiters and HR professionals worldwide. This newsletter is one of the best sources of information for recruiters as it helps expand your understanding and discover new sources.

Check out his LinkedIn page for lively discussions within the recruitment industry.

3. Matt Alder

An author and talent acquisition specialist, Matt Alder, shares unique trends on how the recruitment industry needs to grow and thrive.

Based in the U.K., Matt is the author of Exceptional Talent and the producer and host of The Recruiting Future Podcast. Alder’s podcast is quite informative if you want to move past social media.

His podcast is perfect for those who want the latest on recruitment marketing, technology, and the future of recruitment.

With his experience in talent acquisition and employer branding, Matt Alder has successfully built a reputation as a thought leader in the HR and recruitment space.

4. Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier is quite an inspirational recruitment influencer. Through her firm, Katrina shares actionable insight about company talent acquisition trends.

She is also the author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter: A Survival Guide for Recruitment and Sourcing Professionals.

With almost 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, Katrina has trained and spoken at recruitment conferences worldwide. If candidate experience remains a challenge for you, Collier shares excellent advice on connecting and engaging with them.

At Recruit CRM, we had the amazing opportunity to host Katrina Collier on our podcast. Here’s the link to the episode on Spotify!

5. Lou Adler

Lou Adler is another friendly face that has been floating around recruitment communities.

As the founder and CEO of The Adler Group, Lou is also the author of Amazon’s bestseller books Hire with Your Head and The Essential Guide for Hiring.

With over 30 years of experience in recruitment, Lou Adler’s workshops have been attended by over 40k recruiters worldwide. You can find his articles and posts on Inc. Magazine, BusinessInsider, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal.

6. Bill Boorman

Bill Boorman is the managing director of technology & innovation for Recruiting Daily. With a vision to make recruitment better, Bill shares fascinating content about recruitment technology and challenges in the talent acquisition domain.

As a lead advisor to major recruitment companies, Boorman is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in #RecTech and social recruiting.

7. Jim Stroud

Based in the U.S, Jim Stroud’s name has been associated with the recruitment industry for several years.

Stroud is the author of 5 HR-related books, and he is the producer of a YouTube series, The Jim Stroud Show and The Things I Think About Podcast.

A jack of all trades with expertise in sourcing, recruiting, public speaking, lead generation, podcasting, and more, Jim has consulted for Microsoft, Google, MCI, Siemens, Bernard Hodes Group, and multiple startups.

8. Greg Savage

Who doesn’t know Greg Savage, right?!

Savage is currently the Founder and Director of People2People Recruitment. With over 40 years of experience in HR and recruitment, he is a trusted advisor across global recruitment services and a regular keynote speaker at conferences worldwide.

In addition, his bestseller The Savage Truth is an ultimate guide for agency recruiters, providing lessons on leadership and business.

We’ve had the privilege of hosting Greg in one of our podcast episodes. Check it out here!

9. David Green

The CEO and creator of Zandel, David Green, is one of the top recruitment influencers you can count on these days.

A respected writer, speaker, and executive consultant on people analytics, data-driven HR, and the future of work, Green works as an Executive Director at Insight222.

If you haven’t, the first thing you should do is take a look at some of his thought-provoking LinkedIn pieces to get a sense of his expertise in the recruitment field.

10. Meghan M. Biro

Meghan M. Biro is the CEO and Founder of TalentCulture.

Her company offers a wide range of HR and content consulting services. She has experience as a high-tech recruiter for brands like IBM, Microsoft, and Google.

Meghan has been invited to several online recruitment forums, radio shows, and podcasts. In addition, she has also been featured as a speaker at global conferences.

Meghan’s podcast #WorkTrends acts as an excellent resource for the latest recruitment industry and HR trends.

She has been a regular contributor for Forbes, Huffington Post, and other publications.

In a world led by social media, influencers are taking over as the new source of knowledge. Whether you are an HR professional or a recruitment entrepreneur, these ten recruitment influencers are worth the space on your social media feed.