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How Recruit CRM is Helping Centrum Solutions Improve Candidate Visibility & Communication Processes

“Logging onto Recruit CRM for the first time was like a breath of fresh air because it allowed us to drop everything all into one place, and the user interface was easy to see and pick up.” 

Leon Lloyd
Co-Founder, Centrum Solutions


Quick Overview

Leon Lloyd and Mitchell Read, co-founders of Centrum Solutions, have witnessed a massive improvement in their recruitment efforts with the help of Recruit CRM–the highest-rated ATS + CRM for recruitment agencies. 

Since March 2021, Recruit CRM has helped Centrum Solutions by–

  • Increasing job and candidate visibility through their database
  • Streamlining candidate and client management
  • Boosting internal communication for effective collaboration

What Does Centrum Solutions Do?

Centrum Solutions is a 20 years old career transitioning company with clients and candidates within the U.K and internationally. 

Coming from a professional sports background, co-founders Leon and Mitchell help job seekers from high-performing environments (such as sports and the military) transition into their next career paths.  

The Need for a Centralized Data Point

As most startups begin, there’s usually a scattered database with spreadsheets and files–exactly what Centrum Solutions was experiencing before their journey with Recruit CRM. 

The Centrum Solutions team realized they needed a centralized point for their workflow as their firm grew and evolved. Their team needed a recruitment software to capture and monitor data and help them analyze their business performance

As their team of recruiters continued to grow, it was vital that they invest in a CRM that enabled them to access data collaboratively and track all their recruitment activities. 

“There Are So Many Features We Have Yet to Unlock!”

In our recent chat with Leon, he went on to tell us about how Recruit CRM holds so much potential in scaling their business. 

“Logging onto Recruit CRM for the first time was like a breath of fresh air because it allowed us to drop everything all into one place, and the user interface was easy to see and pick up.” 

It’s not often that you get more than what you pay for! But the Centrum Solutions team definitely got more than they expected when investing in Recruit CRM. 

Apart from the features they knew they signed up for, the team was blown away by the potential of the features they hadn’t even used yet! 

Centrum Solutions knew its business would skyrocket once it tapped into the capabilities of the innovative features left undiscovered. 

Candidate Sourcing Done at the Click of a Button

When asked about their favorite Recruit CRM feature, the team is undoubtedly head over heels for our Chrome sourcing extension!

As the name suggests, the Chrome extension enabled their team to fast-track the candidate-sourcing process by automatically gathering and storing candidate data from LinkedIn

“The Chrome extension was a real big feature for me. When I’m looking at people on LinkedIn, rather than manually copying, cutting, and pasting details into the CRM, I can drop them in at the touch of a button.”

This feature has not only automated LinkedIn sourcing for the team but also made collaborative hiring easier, as all team members can now navigate the candidate data in a single place. So no more constant follow-ups! 

Recruit CRM = Boost in Candidate Visibility, Internal Communication, and Better Workflow Management!

Since our ATS + CRM came into the picture, Centrum Solutions has seen a boost in its candidate visibility with the help of a centralized database in place. 

With an organized recruitment workflow, the team saw a massive improvement in their internal communication processes. 

Their team members can now manage different stakeholders and conversations and navigate client and candidate journeys in a single place.  

“I would recommend Recruit CRM! While it meets our needs right now, there are so many functions that we haven’t tapped into yet, but we know that it’s got the potential for us to grow into.”

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