How Recruit CRM is Helping Rent a Recruiter Boost its Job Fill Rate & Manage International Clients

“We liked your customer service. We liked the product itself. Based on some of the larger, well-established products out there, Recruit CRM offers a lot better value!”

Barry Prost
Co-Founder, Rent a Recruiter


Quick Overview

Rent a Recruiter, an award-winning, internationally recognized recruitment firm, joined hands with Recruit CRM in October 2018.

Since then, they’ve:

  • Filled 1450+ roles using our ATS + CRM software
  • Streamlined their client and candidate management
  • Enabled performance tracking

Meet Rent a Recruiter

Established in 2018 by Barry Prost and Jamie Groom, Rent a Recruiter aims to provide something new to the recruitment industry across Europe, the Middle East, the U.S., and Australia.

Unlike most recruitment agencies, they provide services through a dedicated recruiter on a monthly subscription basis, ensuring a lower cost and time-per-hire.

Why Were They Looking to Switch to a New ATS Provider?

Customer service is super critical for a smooth experience with any recruitment software vendor. Dissatisfied with customer support from their previous provider, Rent a Recruiter was ready to switch to a new and easy-to-use ATS system

How Recruit CRM Fit into Rent a Recruiter’s Business Model

For Rent a Recruiter, it was love at first sight with our ATS + CRM software!

In Barry’s words, “Recruit CRM was offering something new in the context of CRMs, that fit with our business model.” 

Apart from our stellar customer support, the main reason why Rent a Recruiter jumped on board with us was value for money. Their team found our ATS to deliver an excellent return on investment as compared to other systems in the market. 

We liked your customer service. We liked the product itself. Based on some of the larger, well-established products out there, Recruit CRM offers a lot better value!

As their team continues to rely on our recruitment software for their business functions, here’s how our ATS has been able to help them streamline their hiring process till now. 

1. Their “One-Stop Shop” for Recruiting

Nobody likes to switch between multiple tabs and windows to complete their tasks on a daily basis. Fortunately, recruiters can find everything centralized through our ATS + CRM!

Rent a Recruiter is able to rely on our software as their “one-stop shop for recruiting.” With over 5000 integrations, their team can manage candidates, clients, and job data in ONE single place. 

2. Shortcut to Candidate Sourcing

Rent a Recruiter has been able to fast-track one of the most common hiring challenges, candidate sourcing, using our Chrome sourcing extension. 

Though ease of use and our intuitive interface have impressed their team, the most appealing feature to them has always been our Chrome extension. The entire team can add clients and candidates from platforms like LinkedIn in just a single click!

3. Enabled Performance Tracking

With several international clients on their shoulders, tracking business performance is essential for the Rent a Recruiter team. 

With our handy reports and dashboard feature, they’ve been able to effectively track their performance for the number of placements made and measure other important recruitment metrics

Recruit CRM delivers excellent value for return on investment in providing a one-stop shop where we can manage our candidate data, manage our client data, manage the data around our jobs and track our performance in relation to placements and recruitment administration.

1450+ Roles Filled Through Our ATS + CRM! 

As Rent a Recruiter continues to rely on Recruit CRM, their productivity has been flourishing–and their number of placements speaks for itself! 

From October 2018 to November 2022, Rent a Recruiter successfully filled 1450+ roles through our platform. 

As a small, growing recruitment agency, the immense number of successful placements has only been possible through a reliable and robust recruitment software. 

We have registered 1451 jobs on Recruit CRM, which is a huge amount of work for us as a small growing agency. You can see how important it is for us to have a reliable system where we can manage our productivity in terms of filling jobs.

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