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TXT International’s journey to a unified recruitment hub with Recruit CRM

“Recruit CRM is customizable, offers real-time support, is cloud-based, efficient and speedy, and has all the integrations incorporated in a very user-friendly platform.” 

Nicole Waites
Senior Director, Executive Search at TXT International


Meet TXT International, where Nicole Waites and her team have been redefining executive search recruitment for over 15 years. 

Known for their data-driven approach, they’ve carved a niche in finding top-tier talent for SVP and C-level roles across various industries and geographies. 

But even the best can face challenges, especially with technology that doesn’t keep up.

When tech hurdles come in the way of global recruitment success

TXT International’s journey to recruitment excellence hit a tech snag when it found its previous system lacking centralization. 

Along with this, they were looking for an ATS that could tackle these issues:

  • Outdated system: Their existing system was a relic from a pre-cloud era, making it a misfit in today’s fast-paced recruitment world.
  • Speed bumps: With operations spanning continents, the lack of speed and efficiency was more than just an inconvenience; it was a major roadblock.
  • Integration woes: Imagine trying to piece together a puzzle, but the pieces don’t fit. That was their struggle with integrating candidate and business development data – a clunky and disjointed process.

Their previous system did not support their requirements as a firm dealing with international client and candidate data

A cloud-based, modern system was not just a desire but a necessity to keep up with the global demands of an executive search firm.

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Transitioning to a unified recruitment ecosystem

When Nicole Waites and her team at TXT International came across Recruit CRM, it wasn’t just another software option; it was a strategic decision. 

Our cloud-based platform, promising speed and efficiency, was exactly what they needed. 

More than just quickening their pace, Recruit CRM offers a customizable platform that seamlessly integrates with essential tools like Skype and text messaging systems. 

For a data-driven firm like TXT International, this flexibility and digital integration were key factors in making our ATS their choice for a unified recruitment hub. 

“Having everything at your fingertips with just one click was a major upgrade for us.” 

This change meant consolidating all their important data – candidates, contacts, jobs, and deals – into one cohesive system, streamlining their previously disjointed processes.

Apart from a more unified recruitment system, the team loves the level of customization our platform offers. 

Beyond numbers, it’s about impact!

For Nicole and her team, the benefits of Recruit CRM went beyond tangible metrics. 

Our platform brought significant time savings, increased efficiency, and an enhanced workflow, marking a new era of productivity and success for TXT International.

Besides enhanced productivity, Nicole shared how Recruit CRM allows the team to function as a more data-driven company. 

“The product is made for modern-day recruitment, with lots of ways to integrate, customize, and support clients in real-time.”

With the ability to keep track of potential new business deals, TXT International is witnessing better business output. 

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A partnership that goes beyond business

The relationship between TXT International and Recruit CRM is more than just business; it’s a partnership built on mutual growth and innovation. 

“I would recommend 10 out of 10,” says Nicole, reflecting on our handy features and hands-on customer support. 

“It’s customizable, offers real-time support, is cloud-based, efficient and speedy, and has all the integrations incorporated in a very user-friendly platform.” 

Ready for your own success story?

If TXT International’s journey inspires you, find out how Recruit CRM can revolutionize your recruitment process. 

Start your journey with us and see how our ATS + CRM can scale your recruitment business!


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