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How Placesetters slashed its time to hire by 22% with Recruit CRM

“The support, the customer success experience, and troubleshooting from Recruit CRM have been incredible. A 10 out of 10, absolutely!”

Ruslan Halilov
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Placesetters



Placesetters, co-founded by Ruslan Halilov (also the co-founder of Bluedot), began its journey with a clear mission: to bridge the talent gap in the European tech industry.

But as the team scaled, the limitations of traditional recruitment methods—particularly their reliance on spreadsheets became increasingly apparent.

The turning point for Placesetters came when their growth outpaced the capabilities of their rudimentary tools. 

“We started with Excel, but it quickly became unmanageable,” Ruslan recalls. 

This realization sparked their quest for a more robust recruitment tool. They needed an intuitive solution tailored to fast-paced and dynamic tech recruiting.

When Placesetters met Recruit CRM 🤝

After experimenting with various CRM platforms like Pipe Drive, Zoho Recruit, Bullhorn, and tools like Airtable, none seemed to fit the unique challenges of Placesetters. 

The team found these providers inadequate because: 

  • They were more sales-focused and lacked recruitment-specific features.
  • Found Zoho Recruit and Bullhorn too corporate and traditional.
  • The tools were designed for larger agencies, not growing startups.

Instead, Placesetters wanted a modern, agile approach to their hiring workflow. 

During the evaluation process, what set Recruit CRM apart was its deep understanding of recruitment-specific needs. 

“It was clear that Recruit CRM was built with agencies in mind.” 

Our platform’s simplicity, combined with powerful features like LinkedIn and email integrations and a handy Chrome extension, resonated with the Placesetters team. 

For Ruslan, the ability to quickly reject or invite candidates for the next hiring stage using built-in templates was a game-changer. 

“The Chrome extension and email integration were real time-savers! It saved us countless hours that we used to spend on manual tasks.” 

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Speed hiring with Recruit CRM! 💨

The impact of Recruit CRM on Placesetters’ operations was immediate. 

The most significant improvement was in their time-to-hire ratio, which saw a remarkable reduction of 22%

Placesetters reduces time to hire by 22% with Recruit CRM

“We were able to present candidates twice as fast to our clients!” 

This efficiency gain wasn’t just a number – it represented a deeper, more strategic approach to their hiring time, allowing Placesetters to stay ahead in the competitive tech recruitment space.

The team no longer has to spend time sifting through spreadsheets for candidates. Now, in just a few clicks, they can find the perfect candidate and present them to a client. 

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Placesetters’ success is just the start – It’s your turn with Recruit CRM! 🚀

Placesetters is on an exciting growth trajectory, and Recruit CRM is with them every step of the way. Our ATS + CRM is more than just a tool – it’s a growth partner.

Summing up in Ruslan’s words–

“The support, the customer success experience, and troubleshooting from Recruit CRM have been incredible. A 10 out of 10, absolutely!”

Now, let’s talk about your recruitment business. 

Imagine leveraging the same powerful features and support that propelled Placesetters forward. 

With Recruit CRM, tapping into your business’s full potential isn’t just a plan; it’s an achievable reality. 

Give our ATS a try and start shaping your own success story with us today!


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