Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative

Lechley Associates’ 10/10 boost in candidate experience & recruiter productivity using Recruit CRM

“Recruit CRM has definitely improved our productivity. The way that we can use the workflows and integrate it with other pieces of software–it’s been fantastic!”

Scott Lechley
Founder of Lechley Associates



Where Lechley Associates was before Recruit CRM

Since its inception in 2003, Lechley Associates has been a global talent connector, achieving the remarkable feat of placing candidates on every continent—yes, even Antarctica! 

Of course, the journey wasn’t without its bumps. 

Despite their expansive reach and numerous successes, they faced a significant hurdle: outdated and rigid systems that made the recruitment process extremely cumbersome. 

Their existing setup wasn’t fully meeting the dynamic needs of recruiters, leaving them hungry for a solution that could streamline their workflows and enhance their operations.

The need for a change

Lechley Associates was on the hunt for an applicant tracking system that was as straightforward as it was robust. 

They needed a tool to handle the nuances of their recruitment process without requiring a Ph.D. in computer science.

Scott, the founder of Lechley Associates, candidly expressed his frustrations, stating, “To be honest, I was looking for a system that was simple and easy to use but did lots. I wanted to simplify accessing and feeding recruiting data into the system.” 

And then, along came Recruit CRM.

Why Recruit CRM stood out

Scott’s first meeting with Recruit CRM was a game-changer. During their initial demo, Sean Mallapurkar, our founder, quickly impressed Scott with his deep knowledge of the platform and the recruitment industry.

“Sean was not just well-informed but had an innate understanding of the recruitment process and the nuanced needs of recruiters. His deep knowledge of the platform and readiness to provide solutions to any query truly set him apart as one of the best in the industry. Recruit CRM is not just about technology; it’s a tool finely tuned to the recruiter’s way of working!”

Compared to other large ATS providers, Recruit CRM was a breath of fresh air for Scott and his team. It was clear that our ATS + CRM had something that other platforms lacked—a deep understanding of the recruiter’s journey.

First impressions: Where simplicity meets efficiency

When Lechley Associates first logged into Recruit CRM, they were immediately struck by its clean, clear, and user-friendly interface. 

But what does that really mean in the context of their experience?

1. Clean design

Lechley Associates appreciated the platform’s minimalist approach. 

The clean design allowed them to focus on what truly matters—recruiting. 

There are no flashy distractions, just a straightforward layout that gets the job done.

2. Intuitive and accessible

The founder emphasized how easy it was to input and retrieve data. 

The platform’s clarity eliminated the need for a steep learning curve, aligning well with their need for a “simple tool that did so much, so well.”

3. Highly user-oriented

What really stood out for Lechley Associates was how Recruit CRM seemed to understand the recruiter’s journey. 

The platform offered features that made sense for their specific needs, such as customizable fields and easy data access, making it a tool that truly “understands the way a recruiter works.”

“Recruit CRM has definitely improved our productivity. The way that we can use the workflows and integrate it with other pieces of software–it’s been fantastic!”

The impact: Where candidate experience meets recruiter productivity

When it comes to recruitment, it’s not just about filling positions; it’s about creating meaningful connections and optimizing workflows.

Lechley Associates found that Recruit CRM was a catalyst for change in these areas, significantly impacting both candidate experience and recruiter productivity.

Here’s how–

1. Boost in candidate experience

Recruit CRM’s features allowed candidates to update their information, a seemingly small but impactful feature Lechley Associates found invaluable. 

This not only empowered candidates but also streamlined the workflow, as the team can now use a simple button to request information updates. 

The result? Candidates felt taken seriously, and the team saves a lot of time gathering data. 

“The candidate experience has been fantastic, and the feedback from the candidates is great. Recruit CRM allows candidates to update their information, saving me so much time. It also makes candidates feel we are taking them seriously and that they’re in complete control of the information in the system.”

2. Recruiter productivity skyrocketed!

Recruit CRM didn’t just improve the workflow; it revolutionized it. 

Lechley Associates highlighted the platform’s ability to integrate with other tools, including LinkedIn and its own built-in campaign section. 

This allowed them to run more targeted campaigns and focus on other strategic areas of recruitment.

Recruit CRM features that save the day for Lechley Associates 

One of the unique features that caught Lechley Associates’ attention is the GPT integration

This AI-powered feature has been a valuable addition, keeping up with the platform’s ongoing improvements and adding another layer of efficiency to its operations.

The customizable workflows, report generation, and automation have all contributed to a more streamlined candidate experience and boost in productivity. 

Along with this, Recruit CRM’s ability to integrate with other tools is a game-changer for Lechley Associates. 

Whether running campaigns or sourcing data using our Chrome sourcing extension, the platform’s seamless integrations allow them to diversify their recruitment strategies without compromising on efficiency.

“The workflows, the automation, there are just so many amazing features, and it’d be very unfair to name one when there are so many to talk about.”

Does Lechley Associates recommend Recruit CRM? 

Lechley Associates gives Recruit CRM a 10 out of 10 recommendation score. 

They’ve even passed on the good word to other industry professionals.

“I’ve recommended it loads already!” Scott says, adding that he hopes others find as much value in the platform as they have.

Ready for your own success story?

If Lechley Associates can go from juggling outdated processes to a 10/10 experience with Recruit CRM, so can you! 

Get on a call with our customer success executives to see how Recruit CRM can revolutionize your hiring process and bring you insane ROI. 🚀

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Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative for your recruiting agency


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