From manual to automated: How Recruit CRM is transforming LCR International’s recruitment workflow

“We’ve seen some great results from Recruit CRM. It’s helped us to smoothen and define the recruitment process, and it helps speed up the overall recruitment process, reducing the amount of manual input from teams.”

Lucy Robinson
Founder and Director of LCR International


Quick overview

After meticulously searching for the ideal recruitment software, LCR International landed its eyes on Recruit CRM. Our ATS + CRM solution has been instrumental in transforming LCR International’s recruitment workflow, enabling the company to scale and improve its services targeted towards the fresh-produce industry. 

With Recruit CRM, LCR International has been able to:

  • Streamline and speed up the recruitment process
  • Reduce manual input from the team, enhancing overall efficiency
  • Improve client engagement with the ability to share candidate shortlists directly 
  • Enjoy swift and responsive customer support
  • Leverage recruitment automation through 5000+ integrations

LCR International’s story

In 2019, Lucy Robinson, Founder and Director of LCR International, had the vision to fill a niche in the global fresh produce industry’s recruitment sector. 

This vision took the form of LCR International, a one-person operation that has grown into a team of five, all dedicated to providing specialized recruitment services serving clients globally. 

The pursuit of a user-friendly ATS 

As LCR International grew, so did the complexity of its operations. The need for a robust recruitment software became apparent. The ideal system had to be:

  • User-friendly
  • Capable of tracking candidate and client pipelines
  • Equipped with recruitment automation features, interview scheduling, and advanced search functions
  • Integrated with the company’s career site and Zapier

Striking gold with Recruit CRM

After a thorough market search, LCR International found its perfect match with Recruit CRM.

Our software’s aesthetic appeal, ease of navigation, and excellent training functions caught their eyes. The swift customer support service with responses under a few seconds was another significant factor in their decision, as was the ability to link with Zapier for an automated recruitment workflow.

“I chose Recruit CRM for the reason that I really liked the way it looked. It’s really easy to navigate. Also, the service is amazing. You get responses easily within a few seconds. It’s very quick!”

How Recruit CRM is automating recruitment for LCR International

One of the standout features for LCR International has been the ability to share shortlists with clients directly via a link from Recruit CRM. The system also allows for a quick and smooth import of candidate LinkedIn profiles.

Apart from automating candidate shortlisting and data collection, Recruit CRM is helping LCR International by:

  • Accelerating repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategic initiatives
  • Improving team efficiency by minimizing manual input

“We’ve seen some great results from Recruit CRM. It’s helped us to smoothen and define the recruitment process, and it helps speed up the overall recruitment process, reducing the amount of manual input from teams.”

Scoring a perfect 10: LCR International’s transformative experience with Recruit CRM

LCR International’s experience with our platform has been overwhelmingly positive; where Lucy gave us a perfect score of 10 out of 10 and even recommended us to others. 

From a one-person operation to a growing team, from manual processes to automated workflows, LCR International has truly witnessed the transformative potential of our ATS + CRM for their business development

Ready to experience the power of Recruit CRM?

Just like LCR International, you can also revolutionize your recruitment business with us. 

Don’t just take our word for it–get on a call with our product specialists today and see our ATS + CRM in action. Your journey toward a more efficient and effective recruitment process starts here!


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