How First Point Partners is witnessing a placement surge with Recruit CRM

“Recruit CRM went beyond my expectations because it is a solution that is made by recruiters for recruiters. The mindset behind it comes from recruiters, not just I.T engineers.”

Anna Bebel
Co-Founder, First Point Partners


Quick overview

After hunting for the perfect staffing agency software for six months, Recruit CRM finally caught the eyes of First Point Partners. Since the past year, our ATS + CRM solution has allowed this boutique recruitment consultancy to expand to international markets. 

With Recruit CRM, First Point Partners is able to:

Who is First Point Partners?

First Point Partners, a private equity search agency based out of Warsaw and London, is rapidly scaling their business at an international level. 

The agency started as a two-people consulting boutique for the central-eastern European region but has now grown to international markets. They aim to address the need for professional services for local hiring. 

The challenge: Finding the perfect ATS

Given the importance of data in their daily operations, investing in a high-quality ATS + CRM tool was a no-brainer for the co-founder of First Point Partners, Anna Bebel

But as they say, all good things come slowly. First Point Partners spent six months testing various recruitment softwares in the market, including Bullhorn, Jobadder, and FileFinder. Unfortunately, they found most solutions lacking intuitiveness and not well-crafted for small boutique agencies.  

For First Point Partners, finding a solution that could scale with their international expansion was essential.

Discovering Recruit CRM was “love at first sight”!

After coming across Recruit CRM through numerous rating videos and rankings, Anna knew there was no going back! 

The key factors that attracted her and the team to Recruit CRM were:

  • The system’s simple layout & intuitive approach to recruitment workflows
  • Personalized services from account managers 
  • Professional approach towards GDPR policy
  • High customizability 

“Recruit CRM went beyond my expectations because it is a solution that is made by recruiters for recruiters. The mindset behind it comes from recruiters, not just I.T engineers.”

What the team values most is the 24/7 customer support and the wealth of knowledge we provide for our users through videos and forum chats.

Winning with Recruit CRM: First Point Partners’ placement success & happy candidates

With Recruit CRM, First Point Partners has unlocked the secret to both soaring placement success and fostering candidate satisfaction. 

One of the most noticeable impacts they have witnessed is the positive feedback from candidates, helping the agency stand out in the market and create positive brand recognition. 

Recruit CRM is helping First Point Partners provide the best candidate experience by:

  • Improving candidate communication through email templates, triggers, and automated job postings
  • Automating reminders and updates for candidates so that nothing gets missed

For Anna and her team, the human touch can never be taken out of recruitment, so they wanted a solution that did not make their interactions seem robotic

“I don’t want to sound like a machine behind a recruitment company. I want a personalized human touch when I communicate with candidates, and your email triggers and templates help me adjust communication to our needs.”

The team has also been able to streamline their candidate sourcing and screening process through our Chrome extension, which helps them pull out relevant candidates much faster on multiple job boards, including LinkedIn

“It’s the best extension with a hyper data-driven approach and the best data scraper in the market I’ve ever seen!”

Thanks to Recruit CRM, First Point Partners is able to witness a placement growth of 7% and counting. 

With the ability to track their business performance through our insightful reports and analytics dashboard, the team knows exactly how to scale their agency and where they stand. 

Recruit CRM: A 10/10 on First Point Partners’ scale!

The final verdict? Recruit CRM is definitely a 10/10, if not a 12, for First Point Partners!

As their team continues to scale internationally and win candidates’ hearts, Recruit CRM couldn’t be happier supporting their journey. 

Ready to transform your hiring process and watch your performance soar? Experience the Recruit CRM difference today and let your recruitment journey take flight effortlessly. 

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