InspHired Scales by 130% Within 3 Years of Using Recruit CRM!

“We wanted an ATS that was all-inclusive, with everything housed in the same place, and that was the main reason why we decided to go with Recruit CRM at the time.”

Landry Mutombo
CEO, InspHired Recruitment Solutions


They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that’s exactly how Landry Mutombo, Chief Executive of InspHired, describes his relationship with Recruit CRM. 

The InspHired team’s first encounter with Recruit CRM was during the very early days of our product, but eventually, they ended up revisiting our ATS + CRM system 3 years back and fell in love!

What made them come back, and how did they end up scaling their recruitment business by 130% since 2020? Read on to find out. 

The Challenge 

To revamp their recruitment business, InspHired was in dire need of a new recruitment software solution. 

Since their old Applicant Tracking System had very limited functionalities, they were on the lookout for a solution that enabled them to:   

  • Manage the hiring process from start to finish
  • Centralize the recruitment workflow 
  • Provide an all-inclusive platform for collaborative hiring 
  • Scale their recruitment team 

We wanted an ATS that was all-inclusive, with everything housed in the same place, and that was the main reason why we decided to go with Recruit CRM at the time.

Why Recruit CRM Impressed InspHired 

After multiple demos of our recruitment software, Landry had a very solid understanding and quite high expectations from the product and the team! 

So did we manage to exceed their expectations? 

Well, here’s what impressed InspHired the most– 

  • Commitment and proactivity of the customer support team
  • Continuous feature updates
  • Attractive and modern UI design
  • Easy training for new consultants

If we had any issues or if there were processes and tools that we wanted to incorporate, the team was always either working on that solution, or they were always happy to incorporate it in the next update!

Recruit CRM Features That Helped Scale InspHired 

As soon as InspHired started their recruiting journey with our software, they realized how Recruit CRM is full of intelligent features!

Some of our features that really spoke to them include–

  • Google Chrome extension for easy candidate sourcing
  • Deals pipeline feature for mapping financial meetings
  • Email and contact syncing 
  • Easy navigation
  • Useful dashboards

Recruit CRM has a part to play because it allows us to grow our team and manage them on one platform, and it’s easier to scale our business. There are lots of other things that have helped us redirect our business; certainly, Recruit CRM is one!

Outcomes After Implementing Recruit CRM 

Ever since InspHired invested in the tool, they have been scaling their business immensely each passing year. 

With Recruit CRM, they have been able to grow their business by almost 130% since 2020 and have highly effective team collaboration and workflow management in place. 

As InspHired continues its journey with Recruit CRM, it’s just onwards and upwards from here!

I’ve referred Recruit CRM to multiple colleagues within the industry, so I guess I would rate it a high nine and a half or ten!

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