Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative

How Recruit CRM Became L-Lindh’s Secret to Candidate Sourcing!

“Recruit CRM is very easy to use. It’s complete. It’s editable, robust, and comes with a very nice interface. We’re also very happy with the support towards the migration.”

Lauren Lindh
Founder, L-Lindh


Lauren Lindh, Founder of L-Lindh, an executive search firm, knows that the secret to hiring the best C-level talent is flexibility and a great recruitment team. 

However, there is a third ingredient that makes it way easier to work with demanding clients spread across multiple industries. What is that, and how did L-Lindh leverage technology to pace up candidate sourcing? 

Read on to find out!

3 Main Challenges Faced by L-Lindh 

L-Lindh’s principal focus lies in hiring top-level executives for their diverse client base. Along with this, a great candidate experience and dynamism for clients through a relevant hiring experience is their priority. 

Despite their clear vision, L-Lindh faced multiple challenges, like–

  • Dealing with a software that was unfit for recruitment agencies
  • Disorganized internal network and talent pool
  • Inability to track candidate history & client processes 

To overcome these hurdles, the L-Lindh team was on the search for a top recruiting software that could function as the bridge between them and their goals. 

The Search for the Ideal Recruitment Software

When L-Lindh came across Recruit CRM, they were looking for a replacement for their existing ATS. 

We wanted an ATS that was made for agencies and understood more of what we needed. So, that’s why we started working with Recruit CRM.

Along with this, they wanted a recruitment software that provides–

  • Customizable hiring pipeline 
  • Overview of client reports & analytics 
  • Easy-to-use and customizable software with a modern UI

With so many candidates and clients at different stages, L-Lindh needed a reliable ATS to track their hiring processes and maintain relationships within their network.  

What They Love About Recruit CRM

Before migrating to Recruit CRM, L-Lindh had a large talent pipeline that they didn’t want to lose. 

Fortunately, with our 5-minute setup process and supportive customer success team, Lauren and her team could maintain their old records and a smooth transition to their new ATS

Apart from our easy data migration process, what L-Lindh loves most about our ATS+CRM  system is– 

Recruit CRM is very easy to use. It’s complete. It’s editable, robust, and comes with a very nice interface. We’re also very happy with the support towards the migration.

Major Results After Implementing Recruit CRM

One of L-Lindh’s major concerns with their previous ATS was duplicating existing candidates in their system while sourcing. With our Google Chrome extension, L-Lindh can now streamline its sourcing process. 

With Recruit CRM, they achieved–

  • Effective team collaboration and project management
  • Efficient candidate and KPI tracking 
  • Accelerated hiring process leading to a positive candidate experience 

The Google Chrome Extension for sourcing was the deal breaker for us to choose Recruit CRM!

Why L-Lindh Can’t Get Enough of Recruit CRM!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our users achieve their vision, and that’s exactly what we accomplished for the L-Lindh team! 

L-Lindh is able to have all their queries and feedback resolved with our 24/7 available customer support team. 

I really recommend Recruit CRM for agencies! We all have good things to say about it. I would give it a 10. The customer success team is super helpful and always ready to help.

Despite raving about our automation features, L-Lindh believes that the human touch is essential to recruiting. They rely on our feedback, notes, and communication features to stay connected with their growing talent network. 

Apart from this, L-Lindh has always been impressed with the new features we proactively work on to provide the best possible experience. 

Want to learn more about Recruit CRM’s powerful ATS? 

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Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative for your recruiting agency


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