Want to attract the best talent in the market with half the hassle? 

Welcome aboard the ChatGPT recruitment express, where we’ll unveil 10 mind-blowing prompts and use cases to supercharge your hiring process like never before! 

As you read through our blog, you’ll discover how to train this chatbot, enable automation and attract top-notch talent effortlessly. 

It’s time to strap in, wave goodbye to outdated recruitment tactics, and embrace the thrilling future of hiring with ChatGPT – let the adventure begin!

1. Create interview questions

GPT-3.5 and 4 can generate a list of position-specific questions for any job role. 

Let’s say you’re hiring for a software engineer position, and you can ask the AI chatbot to create a list of 10 questions that are tailored to this role. 

The questions could cover topics such as coding languages, debugging skills, and experience with specific software tools. 

This technology saves time and helps to ensure that the right questions are being asked to evaluate candidates’ suitability for the role.


Prompt – “Hey ChatGPT, act as an HR professional with several years of experience working in the tech industry. With all your years of expertise in interviewing and onboarding candidates, create a list of the top 10 job interview questions for hiring a senior software engineer.”

Chat GPT

2. Conduct market research

GPT-4, as an AI tool, is loaded with crucial data and is based on machine learning. This makes it easy for it to make predictions on market trends to some extent. 

Here’s what we asked for. 


Prompt – “Hey ChatGPT, act as a recruitment specialist with 10+ years of experience and create a research project summarizing the hiring outlook for the tech industry in 2023. Highlight the key trends to look out for and factors to stay careful about.”

Chat GPT

3. Write job advertisements

We all are well aware of the amazing writing abilities of ChatGPT by now, and the AI model didn’t disappoint us in this case, either. 

Hiring managers can work with the chatbot to craft compelling job advertisements for specific positions in just a few seconds! Just make sure to provide it with the necessary dataset. 

Here’s what we did. 


Prompt – “Hey, ChatGPT, you are a content writer with 5+ years of experience in the recruitment and staffing sector. With all the best practices you’ve learned over all these years, write me a job advertisement for a CEO position in a B2B SaaS Company with 8+ years of experience in the tech sector. Ensure the language is inclusive and contains no derogatory words such as ninjas or rockstars.”

Chat GPT

4. Improve candidate engagement

Maintaining engagement with candidates throughout the recruitment process is essential.

ChatGPT can be a game changer in this and send personalized follow-up messages to candidates, informing them of their application status.


Prompt – “Hey, ChatGPT, I am a recruiter at a SaaS company, and one of our applicants, John Doe, wanted updates for his application, but for some reason, I missed out on it. Send a follow-up email to the candidate regarding his application for the project manager position.”

Chat GPT

5. Crafting rejection emails

It often gets hard for recruiters to break the bad news. 

OpenAI’s ChatGPT can generate empathetic rejection emails that maintain a positive relationship with candidates not selected for the position.

With just some fine-tuning, they are good to go.


Prompt – “Hey, ChatGPT, act like an HR professional with several years of experience working in the recruitment industry. Draft a rejection email to one of our candidates Stacy White, thanking her for her interest in the marketing coordinator position. Be empathetic in your tone and wish her luck in her future endeavors.”

Chat GPT 

6. Search candidates

Another practical application of ChatGPT in recruitment is creating a Boolean string.

This can help recruiters narrow down their candidate search on job boards and professional networking sites.


Prompt – “Hey ChatGPT, create a Boolean string for a Java software engineer with significant experience working with multinational firms. The ideal candidate should have an in-depth understanding of Java programming language and must be based in Canada. The candidate should be at a senior, lead, manager, or director level. This search will be for LinkedIn.”

Chat GPT

7. Simplify onboarding

ChatGPT can generate personalized onboarding documents and resources to help new hires acclimate to the company.

We asked it to create an onboarding guide based on our company rules, regulations, and culture. Here’s how it performed.


Prompt: “Hey, ChatGPT, we are a tech firm, and we just hired a new software developer, Ron Smith. He is new to the environment, so I want you to create a detailed onboarding guide for our new member, including information about our company culture, benefits, and tools. Follow this for reference and all the details you need to include. Write it in a very welcoming tone, and don’t forget to congratulate him on this fresh new opportunity.”

Chat GPT

8. Design assessments 

ChatGPT can be used to design automated assessments or tests to evaluate candidates’ skills and knowledge in specific domains. 

This will help recruiters gauge applicants’ capabilities and shortlist the most promising ones.


Prompt – “Hey ChatGPT, act as a Management Analyst with 15+ years of experience and create a list of 10 assessment questions and tasks for evaluating a candidate’s technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and general aptitude applying for business development trainee, focusing on leadership and teamwork.”

Chat GPT

9. Draft EVPs

We evaluated the ability of AI to develop an employer brand EVP for a software firm, and it delivered a satisfactory performance. 

The crafted EVP was comprehensive, persuasive, and motivating, rivaling the quality of average EVPs commonly found in the market.


 Prompt – “Write an employer brand EVP for Recruit CRM. It is a trusted all-in-one software solution for recruitment, headhunting, and executive search firms, serving agencies in over 100 countries. Their mission is to help recruitment firms grow faster by leveraging cutting-edge technology. The software assists recruiters in various tasks, including candidate sourcing on LinkedIn, email communication, interview scheduling, reminders, updating CVs, and collecting client feedback.”

Chat GPT

10. Improved employer branding 

Employer branding is essential to recruitment as it helps showcase the company’s culture and values, attracting top talent.

ChatGPT can assist in developing an employer branding strategy by providing suggestions for social media posts, blog content, and other marketing materials that highlight the company’s strengths and showcase its culture.


Prompt – “We want to promote our employer brand and attract top talent to our recruitment agency. Can you provide suggestions for social media posts, blog content, and other marketing materials highlighting our company culture and values? Our target audience is mainly recruiters and HR professionals.”

Chat GPT

Tips for writing effective ChatGPT prompts

  • Be clear and concise: Ensure your prompt is straightforward to understand.
  • Specify desired output format: If you require a specific format for the response, make it clear in your prompt.
  • Use examples when necessary: Providing examples can help clarify your expectations.
  • Limit the scope: Focus on one task or question per prompt to avoid confusion.

Leveraging ChatGPT in your recruitment process can significantly reduce your workload and increase efficiency. 

By incorporating these ten prompts, you’ll be well on streamlining your hiring process.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can ChatGPT really reduce my recruitment workload by half?

ChatGPT can significantly reduce your workload by automating tasks like resume screening, generating interview questions, and drafting emails. It streamlines the recruitment process, saving time and allowing you to focus on higher-value tasks.

2. How can I trust the quality of AI-generated materials like interview questions and emails?

ChatGPT is designed to produce high-quality output based on the given prompts. While the AI-generated content may not be perfect, it can still be an excellent starting point to refine and tailor to your specific needs, ultimately saving time and effort.

3. What if I need to train ChatGPT for more specific tasks related to my company’s recruitment process?

You can create customized prompts to guide ChatGPT in generating content tailored to your unique recruitment needs. By providing clear and specific instructions, you can train the AI to produce results more aligned with your company’s processes and requirements.

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