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Jan Tegze on How Recruiters Can Use AI Content Creation Tools

“I’ve always been a bit old-fashioned when it comes to my social media posts. I like to think that they reflect my unique voice and style, so I stuck to writing my own posts. But I was pleasantly surprised when I tried using AI for one of my LinkedIn posts and got more than 300,000+ views!”

Jan Tegze
Author, Full Stack Recruiter
AI content creation tool- Jan Tegze


Creating content can be time-consuming, and if you’re working in recruitment, time is something you don’t have much of. 

That’s where AI content creation tools come in. These tools can help you create content faster, so you can focus on what you do best: finding the perfect candidate for the job.

From crafting the perfect candidate outreach message to creating engaging LinkedIn posts, AI content creation tools are helping recruiters in more ways than you could ever imagine! 

In this article, I’m sharing how recruiters can use AI content creation tools to craft messages and LinkedIn posts to help them stand out from the competition. 

How AI Content Creation Tools Can Help Busy Recruiters

1. Craft Engaging Messages & Subject Lines

Recruiting can be a tough gig. You’re always looking for new ways to reach potential candidates and communicate your message. 

That is why these AI content creation tools are getting more attention than before. Not only can they help you create attention-grabbing subject lines for your messages, but they can also help you customize your message for each recipient. 

One of my favorite tools, Jasper AI, can help recruiters rewrite outreach messages or generate new subject lines for InMail and email in seconds!

You can generate dozens of potential subject lines for your email with just a few clicks. Not happy with the results? Just hit the “generate AI content” button again, and you’ll get new suggestions.

Content creation tools can help busy recruiters polish their recruitment messages in several ways, including–

  • Grammar & spelling
  • Suggestions for better words, ensuring clear and concise messages
  • Determine the “tone of voice” for your message

So, why spend hours brainstorming the perfect subject line when you can let Jasper AI do the work for you? You might be surprised at what it can do for your recruitment efforts!

2. Ace Your LinkedIn Recruiting Game!

Any content creator knows that coming up with new ideas can be a real pain. You’ve to constantly think of trending topics that will interest your audience while ensuring that you stay on brand. 

Most importantly, you’ll need a content calendar to stay organized and push out new content regularly. 

But what if there was a way to get all your ideas and fill up your content calendar in just 30 minutes? Fortunately, AI writing tools make this possible! With AI writing, all you have to do is enter a few keywords, and the software will generate a list of potential topics for you to write about.

AI content creation tools allow you to create new content faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. You can also target specific keywords and key phrases that LinkedIn users are searching for. 

I love tools like Taplio, which give you access to a library of viral posts to see what resonates with other people in your industry. 

My favorite advantages of using AI content creation tools are–

  • A boost to LinkedIn visibility
  • Attract more candidates and expand your network
  • Get insight into the algorithm allowing you to create posts that resonate with target audiences 

AI content creation tools can even help you format your content in an engaging way so that it’s easy on the eyes of your readers. 

You can repost, rewrite, or use posts as inspiration for your next piece of content. So, if you’re not a born writer or just need some inspiration, these tools can be your secret weapon for top-notch LinkedIn content!

Precautions to Consider While Working with AI Content Creation

I’ve always been old-fashioned when it comes to my social media posts. I like to think they reflect my unique voice and style, so I stuck to writing my posts. 

But I was pleasantly surprised when I tried using AI for one of my LinkedIn posts and got more than 300,000+ views! The most surprising part was that dozens of people approached me and told me they were already using tools like Jasper AI or Taplio to automate their LinkedIn posts.

Before you start your journey with content creation tools, ensure you understand the dangers of using AI-generated content. If everyone uses the same AI tool, the generated content will all look alike, leading to plagiarism and a loss of differentiation. 

So remember to use AI tools wisely and understand the potential risks! Otherwise, you may end up with indistinguishable content from everyone else’s.

Happy recruiting! 



Jan Tegze

Jan is a Talent Acquisition Leader with progressive experience managing international teams and establishing processes. An accomplished professional with demonstrated talent acquisition expertise and success in start-ups and fast-growth environments, he has extensive experience in full lifecycle recruiting and a broad knowledge of international recruiting, sourcing, recruitment branding, marketing, and proactive sourcing techniques. Jan is a sourcing trainer, recruitment expert, blogger, speaker, and career coach. You can buy his books and download his free resources from here. Here’s the link to his blog.

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