Snelling Staffing’s leap: From spreadsheets to advanced Recruit CRM reporting

“What drew us to Recruit CRM was its modern interface and the seamless integrations, especially through Zapier. It stood out as a far superior platform compared to others we had considered.”

Anthony Carnevale
Owner of Snelling Staffing



Ever thought a Goldman Sachs equities trader would dive into the recruitment world? 

In 2017, that’s exactly what happened in New Jersey. 

What began as a venture named Link Staffing soon evolved into the renowned Snelling Staffing.

Developing from light industrial staffing to direct hire businesses, they’ve been recruiting for several U.S. companies for about five years now. 

But here’s the bottleneck: they were doing all of this with Google Sheets!

When Google Sheets just wouldn’t cut it

Google Sheets–the comfort food of data management! 

But as Snelling Staffing expanded, the limitations of this simple tool became increasingly apparent, rendering it an inadequate solution for their growing needs.

Anthony Carnevale, owner of Snelling Staffing, created a workflow on Google Sheets with some neat features. 

But it lacked the bells and whistles of a full-fledged applicant tracking system

This sparked the search for a more modern, feature-rich platform.

Why Recruit CRM became the chosen one

After researching various ATS systems, Snelling Staffing fell head over heels for Recruit CRM. 


Three words: modern, integrated, collaborative. 

Our platform’s sleek design and Zapier integrations were the cherry on top. 

But the real game-changer was the presentation of key recruitment metrics and reports, making data-driven hiring a dream for Anthony–a true numbers enthusiast!  

From tracking important KPIs to measuring business operations, Recruit CRM makes number crunching so much easier for his team.

Also, being able to track team activity and performance for better collaboration was a non-negotiable for Carnevale–and Recruit CRM delivered on all fronts.

“What drew us to Recruit CRM was its modern interface and the seamless integrations, especially through Zapier. It stood out as a far superior platform compared to others we had considered.”

How Recruit CRM delivers a sales pipeline & metrics that finally click

When Snelling Staffing took Recruit CRM for a spin, they quickly realized our user-friendly design was a significant advantage, making it their top choice among competitors. 

Now, when it comes to their sales pipeline, our Kanban view has been a revelation. 

It provides them with invaluable insights into the status of their prospects, optimizing their follow-up process and accelerating conversions like never before.

“The sales pipeline and Kanban view in Recruit CRM have been game-changers for us. They’ve helped us understand where our prospects are in the sales process, enabling us to convert them into clients much more efficiently.”

A perfect 10 for Recruit CRM

Does Snelling Staffing recommend Recruit CRM? 

In a heartbeat! 

It’s not just about the system; it’s about our customer support, too. 

Snelling Staffing gives our ATS + CRM a resounding 10. 

And if you’re still on the fence, let’s just say you’re missing out on a whole new world of efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making.

Ready to transform your recruiting game?

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