ICAP boosts revenue by 10% & halves recruitment market mapping time in just 1 year with Recruit CRM!

“The platform is really user-friendly. It has comprehensive features and efficient candidate management capabilities.” 

Christiana Kyriacou
Head of Executive Search and Selection at ICAP


Quick overview

ICAP’s partnership with Recruit CRM has become a game-changer, boosting the efficiency of their recruitment process.

Here’s the scoop:

  • They saw a 10% revenue boost and cut market mapping time in half. 
  • Collaborating with the team and clients got a whole lot smoother, making everyone’s life easier.
  • Custom workflows and smart recruitment automation took the heavy lifting out of their day-to-day tasks. 


ICAP–a Greece-based recruitment consultancy–has been in the staffing game for over 50 years, leading the way in matching great talent with top-notch companies. 

Even with all that experience, they knew staying ahead in the industry meant shaking things up a bit.

When we spoke to Christiana Kyriacou, head of executive search and selection at ICAP, she told us, “Our firm’s founding ethos was very much centered on delivering exceptional quality and services and bridging that gap between top talent and leading organizations.”

With this vision for growth, the team set out to find not just any ATS but a real game-changer that could transform their recruitment workflow and turbocharge their efficiency like never before.

From paper jams to recruitment dreams

frustrated recruiters in an office due to slow workflow and lack of recruitment automation

With multiple applicant tracking systems already tried and tested, none fit ICAP’s criteria of flexibility, easy customization, or a user-friendly interface. 

They wanted a platform with solid recruitment automation features to put repetitive tasks on autopilot, streamline communication for better collaboration, and create customizable workflows to meet their unique business needs. 

“We had tried a number of applicant tracking systems in the past. Our expectations were really centered around finding a solution that would streamline our recruitment processes.” 

But when Recruit CRM came into the picture, Christiana couldn’t pass up our promise of a customizable recruitment workflow and a system built for recruiters by recruiters. 

Recruit CRM's features that enable recruitment automation

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ICAP’s eureka moment that changed everything!

Switching to Recruit CRM wasn’t just a change of tools but a total overhaul of how ICAP approached its recruiting process. 

“The platform is really user-friendly. It has comprehensive features and efficient candidate management capabilities.” 

With the fusion of ATS and CRM capabilities, ICAP has moved on from its old balancing act to a seamless, effective workflow that truly clicks.

Their centralized communication hub allows the team to focus on what they do best, including:

Recruiters in an office before and after Recruit CRM

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Results that speak volumes

“Specifically, our total revenues have increased by 10% in a short period, and we’ve seen a marked reduction in the time taken for our market mapping process by over 50%!”

It wasn’t just about their increased efficiency through recruitment automation that led to these numbers.  

The quality of connections between candidates and clients shot through the roof since the team has more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

ICAP's achievements after leveraging Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM features that save the day for ICAP

ICAP’s success story with Recruit CRM is about more than improved metrics; it’s about the impact on their team’s daily lives and the candidate and client experience

“The Chrome sourcing extension really improved our workflow!”  

Every aspect of the team’s recruitment process was significantly improved from LinkedIn sourcing to seamless communication through Recruit CRM’s integrations

Recruit CRM's Chrome sourcing extension and workflow automations features on a laptop

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Looking ahead with confidence

A year into this powerful partnership, ICAP isn’t just reflecting on past successes; they’re geared up for the future. 

“Recruit CRM is a game-changer for us!” 

With such transformative results, the roadmap for continued innovation and success is clear, and ICAP is all in.


ICAP’s journey with Recruit CRM isn’t just about tackling the challenges of today but about setting the stage for a future where efficiency, growth, and meaningful connections reign supreme. 

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