Onity_ achieves lightning-fast hiring using Recruit CRM’s AI and workflow automation solutions

“I will never recommend Recruit CRM because we should be the only ones using its advantages! Jokes aside, I recommend Recruit CRM, 10 out of 10!”

Katja Olkhovaia
COO and Managing Partner at Onity_


Quick overview

Onity_’s switch to Recruit CRM marked a significant upgrade in their recruitment game, making their processes smoother and more efficient. 

Here’s what changed for the better:

  • Managed to reduce their hiring time, speeding up the process impressively.
  • Better data management, with everything neatly organized and easily accessible.
  • Automation and AI have streamlined their workflows, making repetitive tasks a thing of the past.

Cutting hiring time in half might sound like a dream for most agencies, but for Onity_, it became their reality with Recruit CRM. 

This Germany-based IT recruitment firm aims to deliver the same high-quality services as the big players in the market with added speed, flexibility, and a personal touch. 

But with an outdated system that couldn’t meet their needs, it was clear a change was necessary.

When we spoke to Katja, COO and Managing Partner at Onity_, she told us her team wanted a solution that could handle their unique setup. 

Sometimes, a candidate could also be a client, meaning they need a system that can manage many connections without making things complicated.

Apart from effective data management, they wanted an ATS that could:

  • Offer comprehensive features tailored to their unique business model. 
  • Automate routine tasks. 

Why Recruit CRM was a no-brainer for Onity_

“Boolean and advanced search features in the database were really important!”

Onity_ is all about making connections that count. With Recruit CRM’s sharp Boolean search capabilities, they can zero in on the perfect candidates without getting tangled in paperwork. 

Case study quote

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“We needed an ATS and CRM under one roof”

Our all-in-one ATS + CRM system makes life a lot simpler for Onity_’s multifaceted team.  

Email sequences, task management, and insightful reports turned routine work into something that felt both manageable and meaningful. 

As far as ease of use goes, “We really enjoy having everything in one window–it’s really useful,” says Katja

And speaking of user-friendliness…

“Recruit CRM never felt like a new system for us!”

In our chat with Katja, she told us how tricky it can be to shift to a new recruiting software

But with Recruit CRM, the transition felt natural. 

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The support from Recruit CRM ensured the migration was smooth, with no productivity lost.

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The immediate impact of Recruit CRM

From the moment Recruit CRM came on board, Onity_ witnessed a transformation that exceeded their expectations. 

Some of their key achievements with our ATS include:

Onity_'s before and after comparison of their workflow automations and data management system.

1. No more lost data

Before Recruit CRM, Onity_’s recruitment database was like a puzzle with missing pieces. 

Crucial data points would often slip through the cracks, either forgotten or postponed by consultants overwhelmed by the cumbersome process. 

But with our software, those days are behind them. 

Our robust data management capabilities automatically keep every piece of information in its place so nothing goes missing. 

2. Turning into a CRM pro

There was a time when Katja used to hear things like, “I’m really good at recruitment, but I’m bad with CRMs. Could you hire a secretary for this stuff?” 

But with a new system on board, she never gets these requests!

Our intuitive design and user-friendly interface make data accessible to everyone on Onity_’s team, not just the tech-savvy. 

They’ve streamlined their operations to the point where the once-daunting CRM has become a tool they can’t imagine working without.

The ease with which they can now manage and update data has significantly reduced the administrative burden, allowing them to focus on what they do best: Connecting top talent with leading companies.

3. Smooth workflows with automation and AI

An infographic about Recruit CRM's workflow automations feature

One of the standout features for Onity_ has been our latest workflow automations update.

From sharing crucial GDPR updates to keeping clients in the loop, the system handles repetitive and complex tasks precisely and efficiently. 

The enterprise-grade integrations help the team tailor the system to their needs, from their dashboard to all their data fields. 

Not only has this significantly reduced their hiring time, but it also keeps the recruitment process running smoothly without any bumps.  

What really impressed the team was the quick rollout of our AI features, including the job description generator and smart candidate matching

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A 10/10 for Recruit CRM!

For Onity_, Recruit CRM has been more than just a software provider; we’ve become a partner for business growth. 

The immediate impact of their collaboration with us has set a new standard in recruitment, proving that with the right tools, the possibilities are endless.

Katja and her team are always excited to see what new features we roll out, often finding us on the same page with their needs.

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Are you ready for your own success story?

If Onity_ can go from outdated data management to an AI-powered workflow with Recruit CRM, so can you! 

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