Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative

Cura Recruiting’s unbelievable 451% growth in just 1 year with Recruit CRM!

“If you’re using Bullhorn or a Salesforce, you’re just wasting money, in my opinion. You can use Recruit CRM and probably get a lot more bang for your buck.” 

Cam Green
President, Cura Recruiting


Meet Cura Recruiting

Cura Recruiting, founded through Cura Search by Cam Green, emerged as a beacon of transparency in the American recruiter-to-recruiter landscape. Their mission was clear: to illuminate the paths of staffing individuals, unveiling industry standards, commissions, promotions, and the intricate dynamics of recruitment that drive success.

The dream for their business was growth, expansion, and empowerment. But they needed solid technology that could support this ambitious expansion plan. 

So the quest for a new recruitment software began–when Cura Recruiting decided to expand. 

In order to see the business expansion of their dreams, the Cura Recruiting team was looking for an ATS provider that aligned with their growth-oriented vision and could offer customer support right off the bat. 

Cura Recruiting’s inevitable union with Recruit CRM

Cam Green candidly notes, “I would definitely say that if people aren’t at least talking to Sean or getting demos, then I would highly recommend that they at least get a demo. What I will say is that Recruit CRM was not on my radar.” 

This unexpected encounter unfolded as our founder, Sean Mallapurkar’s insight led to a demo that changed the trajectory of Cura Recruiting’s growth story.

The synergy between Cura Recruiting and Recruit CRM blossomed right from the first demo call!

What might have seemed an unplanned encounter was destined to be a transformative connection. As Cura embarked on a journey with Recruit CRM, the partnership became more than just a transaction; it evolved into a mutual pursuit of excellence.

Our friendly customer support team extended a welcoming hand, offering assistance that went beyond conventional interactions. The alignment between Cura Recruiting’s values and our ethos solidified the relationship, underpinned by shared aspirations for growth and innovation.

With the aim of always incorporating the latest technology into our systems, Cam knew he’d always be getting the most out of Recruit CRM, whether it’s AI capabilities or customizability. 

Growth & expansion: No longer just a dream!

The impact of Recruit CRM’s transformation became evident as Cura achieved an astonishing growth of 451% in just one year! This remarkable success story was fueled by key features, including:

  • Intuitive email capabilities (email tracking, bulk emailing, and synchronization)
  • Streamlined data reporting
  • Seamless data management
  • 100% customization

These features were not just tools; they were enablers of efficiency and agents of empowerment. Cura Recruiting’s partnership with Recruit CRM became the cornerstone of its upward trajectory.

A testament to the impact: Recruit CRM’s distinctive edge

Cam passionately states, “If you’re using a Bullhorn or a Salesforce, you’re just wasting money, in my opinion. You can use Recruit CRM and probably get a lot more bang for your buck.” 

The journey that commenced with an unexpected demo evolved into a thriving partnership that still reshapes Cura Recruiting’s narrative. 

If you’re ready to experience a transformation like Cura, get on a demo today and unlock the power of a partnership that can redefine your recruitment business.

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Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative for your recruiting agency


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