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From outdated to cutting-edge: Clare Persey Recruitment’s tech transformation with Recruit CRM

“It wasn’t just about the technology; it was the people and how supported we felt by Recruit CRM that made all the difference.”

Clare Persey
Managing Director at Clare Persey Recruitment



For a solid six years, Clare Persey Recruitment was rolling with Access RDB Recruitment, but it wasn’t long before the system’s flaws began to show.

The team felt as if they were stuck in the past as the software failed to integrate with essentials like Slack and Zoom. 

Clare, Managing Director at Clare Persey Recruitment, knew it was time for a change. 

Her team craved a platform that could automate their day-to-day tasks and elevate their service game for clients and candidates. 

How shared values sealed the deal for Clare Persey Recruitment

The decision to partner with Recruit CRM was not solely based on the software’s capabilities but was significantly influenced by the people behind our ATS. 

Clare’s interaction with the team, particularly Sean (CEO of Recruit CRM), revealed a shared passion and a customer-centric approach that resonated with her values. 

Our top-notch client care and the ability to tweak the system specifically for their business needs sealed the deal on choosing Recruit CRM.

“It wasn’t just about the technology; it was the people and how supported we felt by Recruit CRM that made all the difference.”

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Enhanced team collaboration and proactive candidate data management: No longer just a dream!

Here’s what changed for the Persey team as soon as they incorporated our ATS into their workflow:

1. More functional recruitment technology

Recruit CRM stood out with its intuitive design, a huge win for Clare’s team, who wanted simplicity over navigating complex software. 

This ease of use allows the team to focus more on what they do best—building relationships—without being bogged down by technical difficulties. 

Our ATS’s automation capabilities streamline their workflow, from candidate sourcing to communication.

This level of recruitment automation allows a smoother, more efficient process that resonates with both the team and their clients.

2. Enhanced collaboration and data visibility

One of the standout achievements their firm witnessed is the significant boost in team collaboration and operational visibility. 

Our system enables the team to log activities against specific roles, ensuring that every member is up-to-date with the latest developments. 

This transparency not only fosters a more cohesive team environment but also eliminates the silos that often hinder communication and growth in a business. 

3. A more proactive candidate database

Thanks to Recruit CRM, Clare Persey Recruitment’s candidate database went from cluttered to crystal clear. 

This isn’t just a tidy-up; it’s become a strategic overhaul that has led to quicker candidate matching and a more proactive approach to headhunting.

“The level of client care, the customer support, and how much you can customize things for your business has been really invaluable.”

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Clare’s vision for growth through Recruit CRM 

Looking forward, Clare Persey Recruitment isn’t just riding the wave of its current success with our ATS + CRM; they’re gearing up to dive even deeper. 

Clare and her team have their eyes on the horizon, planning to tap into every ounce of Recruit CRM’s capabilities. 


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