kpCompanies saves 10+ hours a week, thanks to Recruit CRM!

“We’ve been able to see significant enablement of recruitment automation. Probably talking about at least 10 hours saved a week!” 

Terra Carbert
Director of Recruiter Training and Development at kpCompanies


Quick overview

Switching to Recruit CRM has been a game-changer for kpCompanies, helping them save over 10 hours weekly and significantly enhancing their recruitment efficiency. Here’s what they’ve achieved:

  • Automation excellence: Automating key processes has eliminated redundant tasks and manual work, freeing up valuable time.
  • Enhanced data management: With better organization and more robust integrations, managing candidate and client information has never been easier.

Meet kpCompanies

For over two decades, kpCompanies has been dedicated to demonstrating how diversity in hiring leads to rich, qualified talent pools. 

But, as the company expanded, the need to manage its growing services and client interactions highlighted the limitations of its old recruitment tech stack

In a recent chat, Terra Carbert, Director of Recruiter Training and Development at kpCompanies, shared, “We were looking to put more rigor around operations, reporting capability, and automation. What we wanted was a tool that could scale with us.”

It was clear that their manual processes were slowing them down, and their existing system could not handle their needs efficiently.

They needed a solution as dynamic as their business model—One that could integrate seamlessly with other recruiting tools and centralize client and candidate tracking

Why Recruit CRM became the perfect fit for kpCompanies

In the search for a recruiting software that could offer both flexibility and power, kpCompanies turned to Recruit CRM. 

What caught the team’s eye was our robustness and level of customization that matched their unique operational demands. 

“My first impression was like–Wow, there’s a lot of things to customize, and we could really make the system our own! And that’s exactly what we continue to do with Recruit CRM.”

Apart from customization, our highly responsive and ongoing customer support sealed the deal for the team.  

For kpCompanies, we offer more than just a recruitment technology solution; we provide a partnership focused on fostering their long-term business success.

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The immediate impact of Recruit CRM

With our ATS + CRM, kpCompanies experienced a transformation beyond simple process improvements—revolutionizing their recruitment operations from the ground up.

Here’s what they were able to achieve:

1. Enhanced reporting and data integration = Major time savings!

Before Recruit CRM, the team manually cobbled together reports and managed data across disjointed platforms. 

But with our recruitment automation and reporting features, they can now do data extraction much faster and more streamlined, eliminating spreadsheets. 

“We’ve been able to see significant enablement of recruitment automation. Probably talking about at least 10 hours saved a week!” 

With this extra time on their hands, the team can now focus on more strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

2. Transforming client relationships with custom solutions

The ability to customize fields and integrate Recruit CRM with other tools has been a game-changer. 

With Recruit CRM’s Workflow Automation and ability to integrate with 1000+ apps, kpCompanies can maintain a tech stack that meets their evolving business needs.

Beyond operational efficiencies, the team has also improved how they manage relationships with clients and candidates. 

By bringing all their client and candidate interactions together on one platform, they’ve made their communication processes much more consistent and effective. 

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How Recruit CRM continues to power kpCompanies towards new horizons

Our ATS + CRM offers kpCompanies more than just new tech—it opens up ongoing growth and new opportunities.

“The minute you feel like you’re at a 10, you start wondering what else you could achieve with the software. This flexibility lets us think bigger and solve problems more creatively.” 

Thanks to our software, kpCompanies can seamlessly integrate and automate their favorite tools, transforming their recruitment workflow into a smoother, more efficient process.


Now, think about your recruitment business for a moment.

The same powerful features that elevated kpCompanies are just a click away with Recruit CRM.

Give our ATS a try and start shaping your own success story with us today!


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