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For Teams That Want To Try Recruit CRM


  • 500 Candidates
  • 25 Companies
  • 2 Open Jobs
  • Bulk Email
  • 2 Email Templates
  • Mailbox
  • Limited Resume Parsing


free recruitment software

Ideal For Small To Medium Sized Teams


Per user / month
  • 10,000 Candidates (per user)

  • 5,000 Companies (per user)
  • Unlimited Open Jobs
  • Unlimited Bulk Email
  • Unlimited Email Templates
  • Fully Integrated Mailbox
  • Unlimited Resume Parsing


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Is my data secure?

All data that goes into Recruit CRM is stored in world class data centres managed by Amazon Web Services and encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption. This is the global industry standard for internet data security. We also regularly backup your data.

Is Recruit CRM GDPR Compliant?

Yes, Recruit CRM is GDPR compliant. We also give you tools to make your organization GDPR compliant.

Who owns my data?

You own all the data you put into Recruit CRM. We simply help you manage your data and business more efficiently. You can extract your data from Recruit CRM in minutes anytime you wish.

Can I cancel subscription anytime

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. You can export your data out of Recruit CRM in few clicks. No strings attached.