How to Change Your Recruiting Strategy to Hire More Purple Squirrels?

how to change you hiring strategy to purple squirrels

If you decide to take a stroll in the park on a sunny day, you’ll find squirrels scurrying around, doing squirrel things. These squirrels might be red, brown, black, grey, or even white, depending on where you are. But purple? No way! Now imagine seeing a purple squirrel on a stroll. That’s what finding the … Read more

The Battle Between Purple Squirrels & Normal Squirrels: Who Should Recruiters Hire & Why?


Recruiters and hiring managers are on a hunt for rare purple squirrels in this competitive job market. You may have come across the term within the recruitment industry, but what is a purple squirrel candidate? Purple squirrel is a jargon used by recruiters to describe the rarest of candidates with the ideal mix of the … Read more

Who Are Purple Squirrels? A Comprehensive Guide for Recruiters


Do you know the feeling when you’ve struck gold? Well, that’s exactly how recruiters feel when they catch a purple squirrel. One of the rare moments in a recruiter’s life includes finding and hiring the perfect candidate and it sure feels like a match made in heaven! Finding and hiring a purple squirrel may sound … Read more


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