Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative

Career expert AJ Eckstein shares how to drive a high ROI employee referral program with your talent pipeline

“When referrals are made, their experiences are vetted by those who already understand your organization’s values and expectations.”

AJ Eckstein
Founder and CEO of The Final Round
AJ Eckstein shares how to drive a high ROI employee referral program with your talent pipeline


Recruiters keep looking for the perfect hiring hack but often end up overlooking this gem. 

Employee referral programs can be a real game-changer for your organization. 

They benefit the company and create a two-way win-win scenario for your current employees.

Curious? Read on to learn more. 

Building a strong talent pipeline

Companies constantly struggle to locate and recruit skilled professionals in the modern workforce, where top talent is as rare as a unicorn. 

You need to find the right candidate who fits your company’s culture and job requirements.

This is where employee referral programs come into play.

The goal is to encourage your current employees to recommend prospects from their professional network.

These recommendations aren’t some random people but genuine professional relationships. 

Employees are more likely to refer someone they have worked with.

This firsthand experience often means they can vouch for the candidate’s:

  • Skills
  • Work ethics
  • Cultural alignment

And more.

When referrals are made, their experiences are vetted by those who already understand your organization’s values and expectations. 

So, this reduces the risk of hiring someone who might not be a good fit, thus saving the company time and resources. 

The result?

A strong talent pipeline that’s tailored to your specific needs.

According to Aptitude Research, 84% of companies see employee referrals as the most budget-friendly way to find talented individuals. 

Employee referral programs also create a sense of ownership and engagement among current employees. 

When they actively participate in recruiting, they become brand ambassadors, sharing their favorable experiences with potential hires. 

This can lead to a domino effect, where your workforce actively contributes to your employer’s brand.

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How to drive a successful referral program?

Now that we know about the impressive benefits of an employee referral bonus – let’s learn how to make it successful:

1. Clear communication

Start by clearly communicating the goals and benefits of the referral program to your employees. 

Make sure they understand the types of candidates you’re looking for and the rewards they can expect.

2. Attractive incentives

Motivate your employees with enticing incentives and referral rewards. 

Beyond financial bonuses, consider recognition programs, professional development opportunities, or exclusive company perks. 

Gamifying the process with leaderboards or contests can also be highly effective.

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3. User-friendly technology

Implement user-friendly software or tools to facilitate the referral process. 

Make it easy for employees to submit their recommendations and track the progress of their referrals.

4. Feedback loop

Keep your employees informed about the status and feedback of their referrals. 

This will not only promote transparency but also keep them engaged in the process.

Use tools like Google Analytics to track conversions from employee-shared content and track progress against the initial goals. 

Adjust strategies based on these insights to keep the program dynamic and effective.

5. Continuous promotion

Promote the referral program regularly within your organization. 

Use internal communication channels, such as email newsletters or company meetings, to keep it top of mind.

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And there you have it.

Follow these steps and strengthen your talent pipeline by positioning referral programs as strategic pillars of your recruitment strategy.

Good luck, recruiters!


AJ Eckstein

AJ Eckstein, founder/CEO of The Final Round, is a Gen Z Career Expert, a Fortune 500 strategy consultant, a LinkedIn Learning Instructor, a Writer for Fast Company & Business Insider, a LinkedIn Top Voice for Hiring, a Forbes Under 30 Scholar, and a global speaker.


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