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Recruiting specialist Lucy Robinson lists 7 compelling reasons to adopt a retained recruitment model

“In a retained recruitment setting, the focus is on quality over quantity, enabling recruiters to deeply assess candidates.”

Lucy Robinson
Founder and Director of LCR International
Recruiting specialist Lucy Robinson lists 7 compelling reasons to adopt a retained recruitment model


The recruiting and executive search industry has been slowly shifting towards the retained recruitment model, moving away from the traditional contingent method.

This shift has led to more consistent and positive ROI, not just for TA consultants but for their clients and candidates alike.

Are you considering a change in your hiring practice, or are you perhaps curious about what makes retainers stand out?

Keep reading to uncover seven potential benefits of the retained approach and how it can better optimize your recruiting process.

Why should you consider a retained recruitment model over a contingent setup? 7 compelling reasons for you

1. Building strong and exclusive partnerships

With a retainer agreement, you’re not just another recruiter; you’re an exclusive partner of your client.

This unique position grants you the time to focus on, understand, and cater to their specific requirements.

As you consistently deliver, you solidify your role as a partner, offering invaluable insights and support that go beyond individual hiring tasks.

2. The importance of a customized search strategy

When you’re on a retained search, each client and role demands a unique approach.

It’s essential to understand the client’s organizational goals, team dynamics and consider their hiring history.

These insights help you craft strategies that truly resonate with the client’s objectives.

3. Tapping into the passive candidate pool

Embracing the retained model allows you to be more proactive in your outreach process.

This means you can indulge with passive candidates—those not actively job-hunting but open to the right opportunity.

By doing so, you’re accessing a pool of talent that might remain untouched in a typical contingent search.

4. Comprehensive candidate assessments

In a retained recruitment setting, the focus is on quality over quantity, enabling you to evaluate candidates thoroughly.

With fewer roles to fill, you get to assess individuals beyond basic skills and qualifications—considering their leadership potential and cultural fit.

Making sure their career goals reflect with the client’s vision ensures placements with lasting tenures.

5. Becoming an industry expert

As a retained recruiter, you secure a strategic position of authority within your field or for filling unique roles.

Over time with experience, you gain a deep understanding of market nuances, key industry players, and potential challenges.

This expertise makes you an invaluable asset to clients, especially when they’re on the hunt for critical executive roles.

6. Reduced competition in recruitment

In the contingent search space, multiple recruiters often vie for the same role, creating a competitive environment.

On the other hand, the retained search model is significantly less competitive. 

Here, you get to focus on finding your ideal candidate without the pressure of racing against time and rival recruiters.

7. Financial stability and business growth planning

The retained model brings a sense of financial predictability that’s hard to find elsewhere.


Because your fees is settled upfront. 

This ensures a steady revenue flow which is a big plus.

As a result, you’re able to make more informed financial decisions, not only related to hiring but also for the growth of your agency in the future.

Considering a switch to the retained recruitment model? It could totally transform your recruiting business, making you the top choice in your industry.

Best of luck with your hiring journey!


Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson boasts an extensive career as an executive search expert, with a remarkable track record spanning more than 15 years in the field. In 2019, Lucy established her first business venture, marking the commencement of LCR International’s extraordinary journey.

LCR International is a global executive search specialist with a focus on the fresh produce industry. They specialize in helping fresh produce growers and exports with senior appointments and have managed hires across 5 continents.


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