Recruit CRM’s Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Jason Chad

Starting his career with Sales at IBM, Jason Chad developed not just a strong customer-centric approach but also developed a strong passion for helping organisations grow.

After spending two decades in recruiting with the Chad Management Group, he decided to head up the team at ChadTech— a part of the Chad Management Group.

Talking about his recruiting journey, Jason points out how it might seem super easy match-making on paper but it takes a tonne of work to make it happen. Back in 2001-2002 (Canada), he says recruiters had zero base salary and it was all about commissions (a little less than 50%) from the placements that they made.

At ChadTech, the entire team helps recruit top tech talent. They look beyond the job specifications and understand the business first to make the right recruitment decision. Started in 2018, they’ve already hit the million-dollar mark within 18 months into the recruitment business.

Tune in to our 21st episode of the Recruitment Entrepreneurs series and hear Jason Chad talk about finding success with his ChadTech.

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